Pastor avoids massacre and subjects man who entered a religious service armed: VIDEO

This Sunday morning a religious service in a church in the state of Tennessee, USA, was about to end in tragedy, after a pastor subdued a man who entered the premises armed and would have launched threats and slogans before the attendees, while shaking the gun In front of them.

Is about Ezekiel Ndikumana, pastor of a church in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, who managed to prevent an attempted shooting this Sunday after bending a man who had entered the building with a weapon, which he waved in front of the assistants. According to “The Tennessean”, the religious office It was developing normally this Sunday before dozens of parishioners, until the man stormed the tribune of the place with threats.

On social networks a recording was released of the moment when the subject begins to shout harangues before the disbelievers faithful, who do not believe what they see in front of them; an angry man in bermuda shorts and a blue jacket, who points his pistol at them at close range while claiming to be Jesus Christ.

“All churches and schools have to be shot down”

The scene was captured by a security camera located inside the church, and then the video it was disseminated on networks; In the images, the man with his back is seen pointing at the attendees while assuring them that “all churches and schools have to be shot down “, which served to arm the pastor of the church and go on top of him to stop an imminent attack.

The video of what happened was disseminated on networks and became viral, for its part, the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department, assured that the incident occurred when the priest the religious service was almost over. The moment when Pastor Ezekiel Ndikumana descended from the altar and the troublemaker took the opportunity to get up from his seat and head towards him.

It was at this time that he took out the weapon from among his garments and began to point in the direction of the faithful, who did not believe what they were observing; when seeing this scene, and before an imminent attack, Ndikumana decided to cautiously walk behind the alleged attacker and rushes at him, catches him by the arms and throws him to the ground.

It is at this time that some parishioners decide to support the pastor and disarm the man, in this way they managed to contain him until the arrival of the cops. Interviewed by the local press about what happened, Pastor Ezekiel Ndikumana assured that he was satisfied with his reaction and for having contributed to avoid a tragedy:

“I’m very happy that I got to him first, before he could shoot and hurt any of my congregation, who are my family“said Ndikumana. Once the police arrived at the church, they arrested the man whom they identified as Dezire Baganda, who is also charged with 57 charges for aggravated assault. The man remains until now behind bars and is subject to a bail $ 375,000, the Nashville Police Office reported.


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