Pay attention if you have an Apple Pencil: this says its guarantee

The first thing we think you should know is that this stylus will be guaranteed regardless of how you bought it. Either at the same time as the iPad on the same bill or individually after the tablet. That yes, it will not be the same if you bought it from apple or in a third party store. Even if you bought it second-hand, it will have a guarantee if it is still within the term, although you must have the original purchase invoice at hand.

Apple Pencil coverage time

Legally, an accessory of this type will always have a minimum 2-year warranty. Of course, the coverage does not always correspond to Apple. Here we tell you more details about this.

If you bought it from Apple

Whether in a physical Apple Store or online, Apple will offer you 26 months of coveragefor your accessory. This date counts from the time of purchase, regardless of whether you started using Apple Pencil later. If you bought it online, the date it was delivered to you is the one that will be taken into account.

Normally you cannot purchase AppleCare + for the stylus, but if you bought an iPad at the same time as this and added this service, the Pencil will also be covered by it. This warranty lasts 24 months, although it covers more repairs than the normal warranty and cheaper as many.

We warn you that on some Apple websites you could see that they only cover 1 year, which is not true, since the reason this data appears is because Apple offers this warranty time worldwide in most countries. In any case, we can attest that in Europe that 26 months is fulfilled, something that you can consult any specialist of the company yourself.

Buying it in another store

If you decided to purchase the Apple Pencil from a store other than Apple, you will have at least 24 months warranty. Of course, only the first 12 will be with Apple, while the remaining 12 will be the store where you bought it that takes care of the coverage. They may offer you even more time in that store, but legally it should never be less than 24 months.

It should be noted that some stores offer insurance for electronic devices and this accessory is probably included, although it is something that you should consult in each case. Home insurance can also be useful to solve incidents that you have suffered with the Apple Pencil at home, although we cannot classify this as a guarantee as such.

apple pencil box

What does the Apple Pencil warranty cover?

Given the particularities of this device, does not admit repairs as suchRather, what is directly provided is a complete replacement unit and / or the parts corresponding to the nibs (and the head that covers the Lightning connector in the case of the Apple Pencil 1). It may also be the case that a full or partial refund of the product is made, something that is not really usual, but that does appear in the guarantee as a possibility.

Those damage caused by misuse of the stylus or a poor connection to the iPad due to moisture damage are enough for Apple to decline to cover the replacement. Now, if the problem appears for no apparent reason and is in good condition, the company covers it without impediment. The same as if the tips were broken without having used them, since in the end it would be a factory defect covered by the warranty.

ipad and apple pencil

Yes No coverage your Apple Pencil, you will have to pay the following prices if you want to have a fully operational replacement:

  • Apple Pencil (1st or 2nd gen.) Battery failures:
    • 29 euros
    • 0 euros (if you have AppleCare +)
  • Other damages to the Apple Pencil (1st gen.):
    • 85 euros
    • 29 euros (if you have AppleCare +)
  • Other damages to the Apple Pencil (2nd gen.):
    • 115 euros
    • 29 euros (if you have AppleCare +)

How to use the guarantee

Below we will tell you how you can proceed to make use of the Apple Pencil warranty if the damage it has is covered by it.

Is it necessary to present any document?

It must be said that as a general rule, especially at Apple, they do not usually ask for invoices or anything similar. However, and in order to be as cautious as possible, we recommend you go to technical support with the following documents and data on hand in case they are requested:

  • Original invoice purchase of Apple Pencil. A ticket, receipt and even delivery note that will be provided to you at the time of purchase is also valid.
  • Identity, driving or passport card that can serve to identify you.
  • Take the iPad. Although it is not essential, it can be useful to test the connection with the stylus. It is possible that if there are problems in their pairing they lie with the iPad.

Apple Pencil 1 and 2

Make an appointment with Apple or a SAT

SAT stands for Authorized Technical Service and for practical purposes they serve the same as if you went to Apple. In fact, the way to request an appointment in one of these services is the same as to request it in a Apple Store. It should also be noted the possibility of request assistance from home so that you do not have to travel and it is a courier service that sends the product to technical service and who then delivers the replacement.

The existing ways to make appointments on Apple or SAT, as well as remote assistance, are the following:

  • Through the technical support telephone number (900 150 503 is free from Spain).
  • Apple’s official website, under the “Support” tab.
  • “Support” application available on both iPhone and iPad.
Apple Support
Apple Support

What if you have to go to the selling store?

If it has been more than 12 months since you bought your Apple Pencil and it was not from Apple, it will be the store where it was sold who should be in charge of giving you support. You should know that if less than 12 months ago they have no obligation to attend your request, having it only later.

The way to request technical assistance will depend on the end of the store, since each one has its own conditions. If it is a franchise, it is likely that you can go to any store and even request remote assistance. In any case, we advise you to contact their customer service, being able to find the routes on their web pages.

What if you have a contracted insurance?

There is no general rule of how to act in these cases, since in the end it will depend on the conditions that at the time you signed with the insurance company. For this reason, we recommend you go to your policy to, firstly, know if the replacement will be covered and, secondly, to know how to proceed to give a part.

What as a general rule these types of companies usually recommend is to go to Apple or a SAT in the normal way and pay for the replacement, then sending them the invoice so that they can pay you the amount. In any case, we insist on emphasizing that each company can establish its own conditions and therefore it is important that you inform them before proceeding to carry out any other step.

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