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If you are interested in planning your black friday shopping, a good good way to do it is knowing that some products will be on sale earlier than normal. These are several devices for sale on Amazon Spain that every year, without exception, give The surprise with a price drop earlier than stipulated. Keep in mind that this year the Black Friday 2022 kicks off on Amazon on November 18, so from that day it will be possible to enjoy good discounts on a good number of products. Among them, we bet that they will be what we list a little below.

In addition to pointing them out, don’t forget that we have a dedicated section with the best black friday deals that one more year it will be operational this season so that you can find the juiciest discounts of the sales days without getting dizzy between so many offers.

That said, you know: go taking note and save a good amount of euros.

The Kindles

A true classic. Amazon Kindles always lower their price days before Black Friday, so you can buy the model that interests you the most at an even better price than they already have. We have doubts about whether the most recent will be offered – you know, the Kindle with a pen to write – but surely the Kindle (2022), the Paperwhite and the Oasis reduce their cost at least to their historical low price. Keep in mind that the basic Kindle has just been renewed so that its official price has risen compared to the base cost of the previous generation. That means that it will be difficult for us to see it at 69 euros that the previous version has reached, but it will surely touch both figures on its Black Friday days.

Kindle Unlimited.

I miss them

Well, smart speakers with Alexa are a classic in the Black Friday sales and we have no doubt that in this 2022 edition we will also see them with a significant price drop. It will be a good opportunity for you to get your hands on the new 5th generation Echo or the renewed Echo Studio, although if you prefer you can always take advantage of other well-known models whose sales are guaranteed and will be more noticeable, such as the Echo Show 5 or the Echo Show 15 that is sure to be placed at a very interesting cost.

echo dot 5 watch.jpg

The Fire TVs

If you have never gone for a Fire TV, your chance to get it at a great price It is just around the corner. Amazon’s stick has become famous on its own merits, so at this point we doubt that you have to tell you everything it is capable of doing and offering. Instead, we will remind you that the Fire TV Stick Lite has come to be below 20 euros and that the 4K version has also come to be seen below 30 euros. Surely they repeat (or improve) figures for the days before Black Friday.

Other devices that we will see discounted

As you know, Amazon owns several firms available in its storefront, such as Ring or Blink. Both firms, related to the connected and secure home, usually enjoy discounts from time to time, but we have no doubt that on Black Friday they will show off their historical lows.

ring camera

Both have different security camera options, as well as video intercoms (in the case of Ring), with the guarantee that their synchronization with Alexa is total – an ideal combination, for example, is a Ring Doorbell with an Echo Show that shows you who is calling on your screen while the voice assistant announces it to you through its speaker.

The eero Wifi router or extenders They should also drop in price days before the show starts, so if you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on one – hey, we guarantee they work really well – your time will soon be.

amazon eero pro 6

Obviously Amazon’s shelves will be filled with thousands of rebates, like every year, for Black Friday, but at least, we can already bet that these devices will lower their cost before the key day arrives. Don’t lose sight of them.

Attention: the links to Amazon that appear in this post have an affiliate link. The Output may receive a commission if a purchase is made through them, although this will never affect the price you pay for the item. The decision to write and publish this article responds to editorial criteria, without attending to any type of request by the brands mentioned. Black Friday deals are here and you have to be the first to know!

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