PC sales have never been better than in 2021

Computer sales have never been better since 2013 and the PC world seems to be rising from its ashes.

The PC world has not experienced the crisis caused by the pandemic. Indeed, the IT world has on the contrary greatly benefited from the health crisis to achieve record sales figures. While the figures for 2020 were therefore up to a record level, everyone expected 2021, which has always been a fairly complicated year in terms of health, to be below despite everything.

But ultimately it is not. The computer world continued to have very high demand, and even the shortage of components that has crippled much of the market in recent months has not impacted the evolution of sales. In the end, the Canalys report gives figures for this record year, and the analysis company speaks of growth of 14% compared to last year.

Never seen since 2013

According to the firm, PC shipments were over 340 million during the year, including more than 90 million in the last quarter alone, breaking the record set in 2020. Figures confirmed by the annual report of IDC, a real benchmark in the field, which has just published its annual statistics.

According to Tom Mainelli, who works at IDC, the year 2021 should even have been much better than it was. She who was paralyzed by the shortage of components, blocking many sales. According to the research firm, 2020 was the first positive year since 2017, and 2021 is therefore the year of confirmation.

A madness that will soon stop?

Another great source of satisfaction for the PC world, 2021 has been the best year since 2013 according to the Gartner firm, which has also delivered its verdict over the past twelve months. But according to experts, the madness of the past few months should be short-lived. Indeed, the excitement of the last quarter has not escaped anyone, and many experts believe that the market is reaching saturation point.

If the number of PCs presented by brands should not drop, AMD and Intel have just presented their brand new chips that will accompany a new generation of computers, many users who should shun this range, they who come hardly buy a computer.

The Apple exception

Canalys also provided an update in its annual report on sales of MacBooks and Apple computers in all their forms. According to the figures, the latter have experienced much greater growth than the world of PCs (+ 28%). The figures tend to show that the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, presented at the very end of the year, were very popular with the public, as they are equipped with the M1Pro and M1Max chip produced by Apple.

But despite better numbers than the rest of the world, experts also expect Apple to lose ground in the world of computers, especially laptops, as market saturation seems inevitable.

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