PDF Expert for Mac also on sale on Cyber ​​Monday

PDF files are very popular, and the truth is that they are a bit cumbersome to work with. Unfortunately, there is no good native editor that comes bundled with the free bundle of iWork on macOS.

So if we want to work with PDF files and edit them in a professional way, we have to scratch our pockets and look for a good third-party editor to install it on our Mac. One of the best is PDF Expert, and these days of Black Friday it is 50% off. You still have time to get that offer on Cyber ​​Monday.

Readdle’s PDF Expert is one of those almost essential applications on every Mac. It is a good editor that can professionally read, edit and save PDF files. And now these days of campaign Black friday is on sale.

PDF Expert is a PDF workstation all in one. You can edit text, images, links, and outlines, all within the PDF file. For those huge files, PDF Expert works perfectly smoothly, even if you annotate and highlight each page. If you need to combine files, you can combine multiple PDF files with each other. This is particularly useful for specific tasks such as filling in tax documents, which you can also sign from PDF Expert.

Take advantage of this campaign and get a lifetime subscription with a 50% off. Its usual price, which is that you will find in the App Store, is 79.99 Euros. But if you enter its official website, you can get it with a 50% discount, only on these days of the Black Friday campaign.

Many are already the developers who also join the campaign of aggressive prices of the week of Black Friday, and Readdle He has jumped on the bandwagon of these offers with his PDF Expert with a 50% discount these days. Takes the opportunity.

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