Pebble founders want to create the perfect tiny Android

iPhone 12mini

The creators of the watch with which the true smartwatch revolution began have returned to the fray. Eric Migicovsky, who was the ffounder of the mythical Pebbleis taking the reins of the project small android phone, and everything indicates that the idea could come to fruition. But what exactly are they up to?

A community with a lot of enthusiasm

iPhone 12mini

Small Android Phone is, for now, a group of enthusiasts who want to bring something really interesting to life. The idea is none other than to create a small device that has all the features of a large terminal of today, but with the premise that it has some reduced dimensions.

Apple already opted for the iPhone mini in previous generations, but ended up withdrawing it from the market due to the low demand it had. In the case of Android, we do not know exactly what demand there is from users, but Migicovsky and his people are convinced of this. You have to do it.

An almost definite idea

The idea that is around for now is that of a terminal with a screen of less than 6 inchesvery much in the style of the iPhone 13 mini, and with the ASUS Zenphone 9 as a great reference. But for the phone to have its own essence, the creators want to give it a touch of personality in the area of ​​the cameras. For them they have made a series of sketches with which to imagine different designs and proposals, ranging from different camera placements to integrating a small pixelated screen to display graphics.

Small, but Premium

Don’t let appearances deceive you. As small as it is, the phone will hide a lot of potential inside, and for now they have on the table the idea of ​​a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or some other mid-range Qualcomm processor. What about if He Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 It’s a couple of years old since launch, so hopefully they update the specs a bit and we’re in for a “dated at launch” phone.

The design would be very well finished, without unnecessary fanfare. They look for a perfect and refined assembly, where the quality of the materials comes first.

But is that really small?

iPhone 12mini

Taking into account that the inspiration that goes around their heads is constantly touching the 6-inch diagonal, we do not think that the phone is especially small. That is to say, a 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 is the smallest in its family, but it is not a small terminal as such. The iPhone 13 Mini was small with its 5.4 inches, and from our point of view those would be adequate dimensions to call it “small”. For all this, the price you imagine is about 800 dollars at least, so we do not know exactly how a terminal with these characteristics and that price will fit into the market. We already tell you how this ends: launching a second version with a larger screen.

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Via: The Verge

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