Peek Performance: will Apple introduce a new monitor?

The days have passed since its announcement, and now We are already less than 48 hours apart from Peek PerformanceApple’s presentation scheduled for next Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) which, as has been happening since the start of the pandemic, everything indicates that it will maintain the same pre-recorded and edited video format, in which , directed by Tim Cook, several members of the house will enlighten us on the novelties presented, whatever they may be.

And that’s where the mother of the lamb is, of course, and it’s that less than two days, new rumors and speculations continue to appear about what we will see in Peek Performance. We already have, of course, that it will not be a single device, of course, but the list of possibilities fluctuates more than the price of electricity. And in a similar way to this one, it also tends to rise in almost all the pools that we can see throughout the media, social networks, etc.

The option that is gaining the most strength in recent hours is the one published by the popular and reliable leaker Ming-Chi Kuo on his twitter accountin which he argues that Apple could surprise us with a 27-inch external screen which, even having a high price, would be much cheaper than the Apple Pro Display XDR, whose price, let us remember, starts at 5,499.00 euros. And when I say “cheaper”, some rumors say that its price could be about half. For some, this would be the strong point of Peek Performance, even more so if it arrives in tandem with a new Mac Mini like the Mac Studio or a Mac Mini Pro.

A 27-inch screen (compared to 32 for the Apple Pro Display XDR) at a substantially lower price would certainly be good news. However, and although it does seem possible that it will be part of the “menu” for next Tuesday, what doesn’t fit me is that she is the protagonist of the event. And it is that as I already stated when it was announced, its name, Peek Performance, tells us that performance, high performance, will be the protagonist of it.

Thus, in the same message, Ming-Chi Kuo also mentions «a more powerful Mac Mini«, which again brings us to the Mac Studio or, as some analysts also point out, to a new line of desktops that I mentioned earlier: the Mac Mini Pro. This movement would be interesting, since it would extend the scope of the Pro family within the Cupertino catalog (which already has iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac Pro and, soon, iMac Pro), and would give reason for the choice of Peek Performance as the name of the event.

There are also those who point out that Peek Performance pIt could be the presentation of the latest evolutions of the Apple M1 or even the announcement of the expected Apple M2. The former would make more sense if the iMac Pro were also finally introduced, and especially the Mac Pro (although this is extremely unlikely), but I would be quite surprised if that were the case. In my opinion, and pending events, we will have to wait at least for WWDC 2022 to have news about the next generation of Intel chips.

Be that as it may, who is not missing in a single of the Peek Performance pools is the iPhone SE 2022, the third generation of the cheapest iPhone, about whose price there are multiple theories, and which could also be accompanied by a basic version of the second generation iPhone SE for a knockdown price, $199. If so, the keynote instead of Peek Performance could be called Cheap iPhone. And it is that the approximately two billion Google results with this phrase give us a sign that it would be an event of massive assistance (online, of course).

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