Peoples want honest leaders, says Evo Morales

Evo Morales, which was recently in Mexico where did you attend the event Movement to Socialism-Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP), said that “the people want leaders in love with the country and not with money, concerned about their honesty and not about their publicity.”

In an interview with The Herald of MexicoThe former president of Bolivia pointed out that “for me, in the indigenous sector, if you are not anti-imperialist, you are not revolutionary. Because some use socialism, including anti-imperialism, for personal or family purposes, and I do not share it.

“An example is the Socialist Party of Chile, when (Ricardo) Lagos won the elections and (Michelle) Bachelet twice, nothing changed; as in the United States there is a false democracy, the people vote for any party and nothing changes in politics”.

On whether the US is still considered an enemy for some Latin American countries, he said that “I would not say an enemy, it is the policy of capitalism and imperialism that are enemies of life and humanity, because it does not guarantee the lives of future generations. “.

Morales – he said – that the US imposes economic sanctions, organizes coups or finally promotes racism and fascism, that is the difference.

“Unfortunately, within capitalist politics, capital is concentrated in a few hands, because the military budget for this year in the US is 770 billion dollars for military interventions, imagine, with that money what can be done in the peoples of the world , to eradicate poverty “, stressed the politician.

Regarding the left, Evo pointed out that “there are weaknesses and strengths, the United States is failing, where is the Cold War or the war against communism? Communists and socialists are now presidents of governments, for capitalism the social movements are terrorists .

“How many union leaders from different sectors are presidents, Lula (da Silva) to begin with, Pedro Castillo from the magisterium, (Nicolás) Maduro, a transportation leader, I, an indigenous leader, (Rafael) Correa, and thus, we can review that the war against terrorism fails and finally the war on drugs.

“Now I think they are creating another war, that of corruption, and that is going to be for union leaders, for political leaders of the left, anti-imperialist leaders, because where they cannot beat us they use the coup,” he stressed.

On the coronavirus pandemic, Morales said that it is “a debatable issue. When he was president and reviewed some documents, he read reports from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund that said: in the politics of the new world order, reduction through planning is important. to the unnecessary population, and I said to myself: ‘it’s a biological warfare’.

“Just as the virus arrived, the medicine arrived, this pandemic has done a lot of damage, paralyzed flights, transportation; my president (Luis Arce) faced it very well, without quarantines because here the rich won and the poor lost.

“I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of Mexico, because they donated 300,000 vaccines to us at the worst moment.”

By Rossi Sotelo


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