The Perfect Match: Has Technology Changed Dating For The Better?

Over the past ten years, technology has had a massive impact on the way we experience relationships. New tools have made everything about dating simpler and more convenient. A decade ago, meeting people online was somewhat unusual, if not suspicious. Now, it’s the new normal.

The rise of dating apps and websites has given us an abundance of choice for potential partners. Virtual dating seems tailor-made for millennials as it fulfils an instant gratification mindset, and according to the Financial Times, online dating has exploded over recent months, showing just how easy it is to take advantage of these apps and connect with people instantaneously. But can digital dating ever compare to real-life?

The Dating Game

In the early days of phone apps, having a potential date in the palm of your hand was revolutionary. It felt comforting that on a dating app, you had access to hundreds of single people, and that you could connect with others as part of a community.

The fact that you can view the profiles of new people whenever you wish can make dating apps seems like an entertaining pastime. While this might seem like it would promote mindless swiping, the technology allows you to interact with more people simultaneously, while managing your busy schedule.

The Perfect Match: Has Technology Changed Dating For The Better?

The best thing about online dating is that you don’t have to meet with the person in question until you feel comfortable. While in real life you know exactly who the person is, technology has enabled us to filter out people we don’t like, avoiding any drama – so it’s more fun, like a game. Most dating apps rely on “swiping” through a deck of potential partners.

You push their card right if you’re interested and to the left, if you’re aren’t – and the goal is to “match” with someone. By allowing users to show attraction in this way, it gives the feeling that we’ve taken down a barrier and removed the fear of rejection. In some ways, online dating can help people feel more confident in finding a date, because of the number of options and easy access to various different people.

Going The Distance

The way we date certainly differs from previous generations. Right now, in the 21st century, it would be much harder to sustain new relationships without technology, especially those that are long-distance. There’s plenty of information on how to manage a long-distance relationship, no matter whether it’s the result of a dating app or a chance meeting while traveling, but it’s hard to deny that technology has made communication that much easier.

At the same time, it’s this increased communication that has made long-distance relationships more sustainable, allowing you to be in touch more often than before. 

We live in an age where we can talk to anyone around the world. While there’s a lack of physical intimacy when using tech, we often forget about the bonds we build in the online world and the subsequent positive feelings. Dating apps and social media were designed to build connections. It’s all about using technology in the right way to maintain healthy relationships.

Dating apps have become a social activity you can do in the comfort of your own home, paving the way for “virtual dates”. Having a drink or a meal with your partner over a video call can do wonders for relationships that are long-distance. While the idea of dating over a video call might seem awkward initially, it can be a great way of trying something new and keeping the spark alive.

Also, virtual dating is an added benefit for any singletons with less time on their hands, due to other commitments, such as work. Virtual dating might seem like a lazy option since it doesn’t require you to go anywhere. However, it’s a handy way to keep in touch and create something special. It also provides the perfect outlet for anyone actively looking for a partner, to stay connected in engaged in the dating world.

The Perfect Match: Has Technology Changed Dating For The Better?

Technology has transformed every aspect of dating, from making the first move to arranging the date itself. Dating apps are great for opening up options and connecting with people who are in the same stage as you.

Thanks to technology, dating has never been more convenient and so well integrated into our everyday lives. In the future, it’s not hard to imagine a large majority of relationships beginning online. Digital dating is definitely here to stay, and it’ll continue to evolve and be shaped by future generations.

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