Perfect vacuum cleaners to clean the crumbs from your keyboard

Dust is the biggest enemy of a PC, accumulating inside our tower, our laptop or on our peripherals. Undoubtedly, the keyboard is the one that accumulates the most dust and other debris, like dead skin. Also, if we eat in front of the keyboard, it is normal for something to fall on it.

Save time cleaning your keyboard with these vacuum cleaners

clean the keyboard requires a lot of time in many cases. If your keyboard allows you to remove the key covers easily, you will spend some time taking them off and putting them back on. In case your keyboard does not allow it, it will be a little more complicated to clean the keyboard. For to ease much the task are they keyboard vacuum cleaners and we have selected four very interesting options.

Dealswin cordless vacuum cleaner 1000 Pa

It is not by far the best vacuum cleaner of this type that we can find on the market, but not bad. It has enough power to clean keyboard crumbs, we can even use it between sofa cushions or for cat hair. It has two nozzles, one finished with a brush ideal for the keyboard and the other with a suction cup. This vacuum cleaner offers us a power of 8 watts, which is not bad.

Something interesting is that charging via USB port And it’s totally wireless. The internal battery offers us about 60 minutes of autonomy, something that should be more than enough to clean the keyboard and anything else. A cheap and multifunctional keyboard vacuum cleaner.

Dealswin Mini Size 4300 Pa

The same brand as before offers us a vacuum cleaner four times more powerful for a little more. It is quite a solution powerfulbeing this aspirator of 64 watts, so it will be faster and more efficient. It has two nozzles, one with a brush and the other flat for different surfaces.

Like the previous model, burden through a simple USB Cable and offers us a autonomy of 30 minutes. Although the autonomy is reduced by half, the power increases significantly. In addition, it has a pretty good quality filter that can be easily washed.

Dealswin Mini Size 4300 Pa

IT Dusters CompuClean

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful solution, we have this interesting vacuum cleaner. This compact vacuum cleaner offers us a 500 watt power, which is much more than the previous ones. The problem with this is that it lacks a battery, it is based on a three meter cable. It should be enough to move without problems, but we are already more limited than in the previous cases.

Something also very interesting about this vacuum cleaner is that it has four nozzles different. It has a brush nozzle, a flat one and two narrower ones for greater suction power. Yes, it is more powerful, but let it be with cable takes away quite a bit of versatility.

IT Dusters CompuClean

Fulluky blower / vacuum cleaner

We go with the last solution and for us, the most recommended. This little vacuum cleaner has a power of 17,000 Pa thanks to a powerful 78,000 RPM motor. We are talking about a really brutal suction power and it also works as a blower, so it is a two in one.

this little vacuum cleaner and blowerIt has a three-speed adjustment system, something that the rest of those seen do not offer. Also has charging led indicator and one front light in case we need to see a specific area. It has four nozzlesone conical, two with a brush and the last one ideal for upholstery.

Fulluky blower vacuum cleaner

According to the burdenis loaded by a USB-C cable and autonomy depends on the mode of use. At low speed it offers us up to 90 minutes of useat medium speed a range of 30 minutes and at maximum power a range of 18 minutes.

Without a doubt, it is the best vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard and that we can use to clean the sofa, the car and other areas of the house.

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