Performance of an iPhone 7 with iOS 15, is the battery good?

Precedents: in which model have we tested it?

Although in the writing of La Manzana Bordida we already carry more recent devices, we continue to keep an iPhone from past generations and we used them last Monday when iOS 15 came out. Device that, in addition, we restore factory to be able to carry out a more complete test at the performance level.

It’s a iPhone 7 with a capacity of 128 GB bought from November 2016 and with a 89% battery health. It should be noted that this component was replaced a year and a half ago, so under normal conditions of prolonged use and without having changed the battery, surely its health would be much lower.

This has been its performance with iOS 15

After updating the device and having tested it for several days we have been able to realize several things. The first thing is that at the level of autonomy Not much difference with iOS 14. Not even at its best was an iPhone that shone with its battery, so we could not expect miracles considering its wear. This is the use we made of it:

  • Apple TV + / Netflix / Disney + / YouTube: 41%
  • Twitter: 28%
  • Safari: 12%
  • Telegram: 9%
  • Instagram: 6%
  • Camera: 2%
  • WhatsApp: 2%

This has been the average use that we have made from 7:00 in the morning and even at night. On his best day of performance he came with a 3% at 7:00 p.m., while in the rest of the days the iPhone ran out of battery at around 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. That is, around 8 hours since it is disconnected from the charger, but with the screen on about 3-4 hours. Nothing remarkable really, but we insist that with iOS 14 it was similar.

At the level of system fluency we must say that we have found that it is going quite well and the A10 Fusion chip is still able to move everything efficiently. Some apps take longer to load content than on the new iPhones, of course, but nothing to worry about. Yes we have found some bugslike that the Instagram stories are not heard or that from time to time an app closes unexpectedly after opening it, but they are at the end problems detected on other newer devices, so it is not directly attributable to the iPhone 7.

Therefore, at a general level we can say that it has been a good experience and that we recommend updating to anyone who has this device. Now, to avoid overloading the system with information, it is advisable to restore the system from scratch. In addition, as far as possible, it would also be advisable to carry out a battery change if you are going to stay with the terminal for at least one more year, as this will give you a completely new life and will alleviate your main problem today.

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