Performance or energy? choose the GPU in the NVIDIA Control Panel

Whether for simple office work, to edit photos, work with videos, surfing the Internet or play, PCs nowadays present us with applications for all of this. The final result will depend largely on the software we use, as well as the power of the equipment itself.

Surely many of you already know first-hand that editing or creating text in Word is not the same as enjoying your favorite next-generation games. The requirements of both the software and the hardware are very different. Precisely for this reason when choosing and buying a new computer we must take into consideration the type of use that we will make of it. Here the prices can vary a lot, as well as the performance that we will obtain when working on a day-to-day basis.

Especially if we are going to do high-performance tasks such as professional graphic design, video editing, or simply play, we will have to choose a powerful team. Once we have it, our own decisions and configurations are also important.

NVIDIA Software Utilities for the PC

By this we mean that we must choose the software most suitable in each case and configure it in the appropriate way. On many occasions we are going to find a GPU from the popular firm NVIDIA.

It is worth mentioning at this point that these graphs offer us a series of drivers and utilities that will help us. An example is the Control Panel that is automatically installed on computers with a graphic from this company. Say that this is an important piece of software that is integrated into the operating system automatically. It allows us to carry out a multitude of configurations and adjustments to improve the graphic performance of the equipment, or at least adjust it to our needs.

And there are situations in which we are going to give priority to the general performance of the PC, and others to the quality of the graphic elements that we will see on the screen. This is something that we can change very easily from the aforementioned NVIDIA Control Panel.

Function to choose the graph to use

In the event that we want to adjust this parameter that we are commenting on, depending on the needs of the moment, we have to access the aforementioned Control Panel. This element of the NVIDIA signature is usually located on the Windows taskbar, next to the date. Therefore, we only have to click on the corresponding icon for the tool to appear on the screen.

Here we are going to find a good number of parameters and functions that we can adjust and modify to improve the performance of the GPU. However, in the case at hand, specifically in the left panel, we click on Control 3D settings. At that moment in the right panel of that same window we will see an animation with the firm’s logo and a series of selectors.

When selecting the graphics processor that we want to use at that moment, this is something that we can carry out easily from this Control Panel. The first thing we do is take a look at the entry that we find here that says Preferred graphics processor. This will lead us to a drop-down list in which we find the GPU that are part of our computer.

In this way, we only have to select the one that interests us the most in that case, depending on whether we prioritize graphic performance or energy consumption. Obviously in the first case we will have to opt for the NVIDIA component, and in the second by the integrated card.

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