PES 2021 fans have a Valentine’s gift: the ISS Pro Evolution 97 patch is incredible

ISS Pro Evolution 97

Pro Evolution Soccer has always been related to customization patches. The game included its own roster editor, but many users were looking for much deeper customization, and hence the kits and patches were born. Turned into an annual tradition, mythical (and discontinued) versions of the Konami soccer game continue to receive homemade patches from the scene community, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, because VintagePES is one of them.

The PES patch with the golden years of La Liga

ISS Pro Evolution 97

ISS Pro Evolution 97 is what is usually called a Season Patch, that is, a patch for Pes focused on a specific season that is responsible for updating templates, stadiums, kits and everything that has to do with aesthetics and that was present in a certain year. The normal thing is that the patches are launched looking for the news and the latest signings to keep the game up to date, but this time, this patch prefers to look to the past.

And it teleports to neither more nor less than the 96/97 season, where the Spanish League began to grow with its sights set on what would later be known as the Star League and when foreign leagues showed their full potential, with the Calcio and the English league as the major leagues in the world.

a titanic job

The level of customization included in this patch is tremendous. It is a spectacular editing job, since in addition to including new textures for the faces of many players, the kits have been changed so that they look identical to those of those years.

A detail that many will like is that in the preview before the game the line-ups will appear with the interface that was shown on Canal+, and both the advertising of the stadiums and the modification of the second divisions of other leagues.

With the Master League as a goal

ISS Pro Evolution 97, Cruyff in the Master League

Taking into account that practically the entire game has been modified, the intention is none other than to be able to bring the most demanded game mode to life. The Master League will also enjoy all these modifications, which will allow us to take a team from the beginning and gradually sign players and coaches, but everything always set in the 90s.

Unfortunately this mode might not be available by the time the patch is ready for download, so we will most likely have to wait a few more weeks until it is 100% polished.

Where and when can it be downloaded?

He ISS Pro Evolution 97 patch for PES 2021 will be available next February 14th, so we only have a few days left before it can be downloaded for free. To apply it, you need a copy of PES 2021, a game that is sadly no longer available on Steam, so many players will be left without trying it unless they own a copy of the game.

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