Pfizer pill is effective against Covid-19: reduces risk of hospitalization and death by 90%

The American Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer announced this November 5 a experimental pill to treat the coronavirus, which says reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in almost a 90 percent between the people infected with the virus.

The pharmaceutical company published this Friday the preliminary results of the studies it carried out with this drug on a total of 775 adults. It concluded that patients who took the drug together with another antiviral had a 89 percent reduction in your rate combined hospitalization or death afterwards, compared to patients taking a placebo.

The drug is designed to prevent the virus from making copies of itself and invading the infected, according to the company, which specified that, although the details of the study have not yet been published, they will be sent as soon as possible to the regulatory institutions.

“This is amazing news. My overall feeling was one of relief, it’s been a long road, ”Annaliesa Anderson, chief scientist for Pfizer’s division of bacterial vaccines and hospital medicine, told The Washington Post,

Anderson, who leads the research and has been working on the drug since January 2020, explained that he learned of the success achieved with the drug last Wednesday and that his heart “accelerated.”

Pfizer management said that the company seeks “protection and treatment” against Covid-19 in every sense. “We have the vaccine for protection and now we have the opportunity to receive treatment, “he said.

Pill is close to being commercialized

Pfizer reported that has already started manufacturing the drug against Covid-19 and it plans to produce more than 180,000 packets of pills by the end of this year.

The company is working to rapidly achieve a production of at least 21 million packages with the drug in the first half of next year, with a total production of 50 million packages in 2022, according to the Post.

The health authorities of the United Kingdom announced this Thursday the approval of the use of the first antiviral pill against Covid-19, the Molnupiravir, developed by American pharmaceutical companies Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutic, and that it can be used in patients who have tested positive and who have at least one risk factor for developing a serious disease.

So far, Pfizer has not disclosed the price of its drug, according to information from the EFE agency.


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