Pharmacies advance in their digitization with a Digital Agenda

In order to respond to the demands of the health system, the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists (CGCOF) has presented its Digital Agenda. It includes a series of initiatives for the development of solutions that place pharmacies at the forefront of technology.

‘R-evolve the profession’. With these words they define from the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists the purpose for which they have prepared this Digital Agenda. It is a roadmap with 28 projects structured around five axes: healthcare innovation, patient safety, social and territorial cohesion, ecological transition and communication with society and between professionals.

Although more than half of these projects are already operational, this agenda takes a further step in the development of the corporate strategy We are Pharmacists: we are healthcare, social, digital, with which the Pharmaceutical Organization was endowed two years ago.

And it is that, as claimed by the president of the CGCOF, Jesús Aguilar, the pharmacy plays a key role in digital health. “You cannot build a digital health model outside of the pharmacy”, highlights by recalling that pharmaceutical professionals have always been willing to collaborate to contribute to the improvement of the health of the population.

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Therefore, having this Digital Agenda will contribute to improving the resources they have. pharmacists with useful and reliable tools. But also, as the general secretary of CGCOF, Raquel Martínez, points out for “Promote universal access to information, rigorous and reliable, on medicine and with the aim of empowering”.

All this will contribute to achieving health with the five ‘P’: personalized, predictive, preventive, participatory and population-based.

The five axes of the Digital Agenda

With the path set by this Digital Agenda, the CGCOF trusts in the benefits that it can bring to citizens since it will contribute to a better use of medicines thanks to the improvement of processes, the optimization of communication and collaborative work between health professionals.

In fact, the first axis, related to healthcare innovation, is committed to a prescription and dispensing of medicines more efficient by promoting new functionalities of the electronic prescription such as the development of the electronic prescription for mutualists, the private electronic prescription and the veterinary prescription.

Likewise, another objective is to share information through a digital platform to have a comprehensive pharmacotherapeutic history of the patient, ensuring their care by promoting a platform for home pharmaceutical care and another for continuity of care.

The second of the axes aims to increase the training of the pharmaceutical professional with a Professional Recertification Program, empower patients with training and information, and fight against counterfeit drugs.

Social cohesion to integrate and help vulnerable groups is highlighted in the third axis of the Digital Agenda. An objective that is sought through three specific projects, the Accessible Medicine Plus app, the Alert and notification system for vulnerable patients and people at risk of social exclusion and the pharmaceutical network for early warning against gender violence.

Sustainability is also in the focus of this Digital Agenda, so the fourth axis seeks to value a network for a more sustainable world, such as the Community Pharmacy Environmental Quality Seal Management Platform.

And finally, the fifth axis emphasizes communication with society and between professionals, highlighting the need to have a meeting point on the Internet such as

With these five lines of action, and as highlighted by CGCOF, they trust the employment of digital technologies to reinforce the human aspect of healthcare by improving processes, promoting collaboration and guaranteeing the dispensing of medicines.

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