Pharmacy in the US applies the wrong dose of vaccine against Covid-19 to more than 100 children

In the United States, the vaccination against Covid-19 in minors between 5 and 11 years old, however, what happened in a pharmacy de Virgina lit the alerts between parents and the authorities of Health in that country.

The Health Department County Loudoun reported that Aldie’s Ted Pharmacy applied a wrong dose of the pharmaceutical vaccine Pfizer to more than 100 children on November 3 and 4, a measure taken because they did not have enough.

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Health authorities reported that the pharmacy applied a lower dose than recommended to the kids at this age, which is 0.2 milliliters compared to the 0.3 authorized for over 12 years old.

What happened came to light after one of the parents reported that in said pharmacy Their daughter had been vaccinated with a container with different colors from the rest of the patients, so authorities immediately investigated.

Call to parents

Authorities reported that the pharmacy will not be able to apply more vaccines against coronavirus, as it was taken out of the vaccination programs against Covid-19 in the United States.

Meanwhile, the parents and guardians who brought the children to get vaccinated In this pharmacy they were offered the alternative of starting from scratch with the vaccination scheme, this after 21 days have passed from the first application.

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Or, it was pointed out that minors could receive the second dose on the corresponding date after the first wrong, although this time in another facility and the correct dose.

Data of the Johns Hopkins University They point out that until this Tuesday, November 16, USA It remains at the forefront as the country with the most Covid-19 infections worldwide with 47 million 294 thousand 334 cases and 765 thousand 476 deaths due to the virus.


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