PharmaDate was born to promote synergies between laboratories and pharmacies

A vitally important tool for connect pharmacies and laboratories just born. PharmaDate adds value to both with a clear objective: improve and streamline business interactions saving time and costs.

Due to the pandemic, and even more so than the rest of the sectors, the pharmaceutical industry has had to forcefully digitize its business processes to continue its activity, a scenario that in many cases has given rise to what is commonly known as “digital embarrassment”.

With the gradual recovery of attendance, pharmaceutical business processes have been resuming their traditional course, however, leaving the door open to the incorporation of improvements supported by digital tools, as is the case of PharmaDate.

This digital platform arises from the perseverance and work of two young professionals, Ruben Gonzalez and Francisco Corral, both graduates in pharmacy and with extensive experience in the commercial and digital field of the pharmaceutical sector. Two years ago, Rubén worked as a delegate for a pharmaceutical laboratory, with a client portfolio of close to 200 pharmacies.

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Of his working day, he would invest between three and four hours in commuting and fruitless waiting in pharmacies, either because they did not attend him well because the campaign he presented was not of his interest. One day, after several unproductive visits, he had an idea that would help improve commercial interaction in the pharmaceutical sector, proposing the concept of PharmaDate, which he would finish shaping with Francisco.

Among its features, this healthtechincludes a showcase of commercial campaigns that allows visibility in real time by the pharmacies and a geographical segmentation of the same by the laboratories; a business appointment manager that improves the efficiency of delegate visits by eliminating downtime; a board of advertising spaces for the pharmacy, both physical and digital; or an invoice repository that improves document management. A platform designed with the firm purpose of connecting pharmacies and laboratories to improve their processes.

Visualization of the commercial offer

The incorporation of this digital tool means taking an important step towards real-time visualization of the commercial offer and towards improving the effectiveness of the commercial touchpoints. An example of how digital transformation, properly understood and, above all, well adapted to the reality of the business, helps to improve business processes while preserving the presence and value of the personal relationship between the laboratory and the pharmacy.

In relation to its versatility, it should be ruled out that PharmaDate is a platform compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android), which has been developed optimizing usability to offer the best user experience, and guaranteeing transparency, fairplay and safety through compliance with the regulations and compliance of the pharmaceutical sector.

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