Philips 243S1, the balance between comfort and connectivity for multitasking environments

With an increasingly varied offer, more and more users are resorting to the combined use of laptops and fixed monitors instead of a desktop terminal. And it is that with monitors like the new Philips 243S1, creating a useful, accessible and comfortable work environment is very simple.

Equipped with a 24-inch IPS panel (23.8″ and 60.5 cm diagonal) this monitor has a Full HD resolution at 75 Hz, covering a color gamut of 91% NTSC and 107% sRGB, enough to fulfill any purpose. In addition, this monitor is intended for
offer greater comfort for the eyes in long sessions of use, fulfilling the TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort standard to prevent eye fatigue caused by prolonged use of computers.

A certificate that is added to other technologies such as flicker-free playback, LowBlue mode, a wide viewing angle and less reduction in image quality from different angles, and a panel with anti-glare finishes.

On the other hand, another of the great advantages of the Philips 243S1 is undoubtedly the addition of a USB-C Connection Dock, with which we can create a better and more accessible configuration of multitasking environments. With smart and flexible power management, you can now charge your compatible laptop directly. Its compact and reversible USB-C connector offers an easy connection with a single cable, simplifying the connection of all peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, and RJ-45 Ethernet cable to the monitor base station. You can watch high-resolution videos and transfer data at incredible speeds, while powering on and charging your laptop at the same time.

In addition, the monitor incorporates a SmartErgo base that allows you to ergonomically adjust the screen with an inclination of +25/-5 degrees, the possibility of turning it 180º for a vertical view of the screen and increasing its height up to 130 mm to adjust it to your ideal position. In this way, the user can feel comfortable viewing the screen, which also helps to increase their productivity during their working day.

Dated for its imminent availability during this month of January, we can already find the Philips 243S1 available on the brand’s official website, soon available for purchase at a fairly affordable price of just 329 euros.

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