Philips A7507, S4807 and S7807: headphones and speakers designed for athletes

Today Philips has taken the opportunity to introduce us to some of the audio and video devices that will hit the market in 2022. In addition to the televisions and the new Philips Fidelio AV range, three new devices are added that become part of the deportavia GO range: the Philips A7507 headphones and the new Philips S4807 and S7807 wireless speakers.

Under the Philips GO umbrella, the manufacturer has a series of headphones designed for sports and training. These headphones offer good audio quality, but also comfort, robustness and resistance to water. The new ones Philips A7507 offer a unique combination of graphene-coated speakers, for good sound quality, and bone conduction technology, which ensures clear calls even in noisy and windy environments.

As to Philips S4807 and S7807 Bluetooth speakers are dust and water resistant and they show off a double-layer rubber finish in different colors. In addition, the new models are marked by Philips’ close collaboration with the Jumbo Visma team, the leading Dutch cycling and skating team. This association has allowed the manufacturer to take into account the experiences of elite athletes when designing new products. But let’s take a closer look at what the new Philips devices have to offer.

Philips A7507: TWS headphones with noise cancellation

official Philips A7507, S4807 and S7807 black headphones

The new Philips A7507 headphones are True Wireless headphones that combine playback through large low-distortion graphene-coated speakers with support for LDAC and AAC codecs to deliver high sound quality.

In addition, they are equipped with a new ANC Pro system which offers the possibility to choose between complete isolation or ambient sound bypass, with the inclusion of a specific algorithm to further reduce wind noise.

The hybrid technology of the Philips A7507 also includes bone conduction microphones to improve voice clarity and ensure clear call quality, even when running or hiking in a noisy environment.

Official Philips A7507, S4807 and S7807 Front Headphones

As for the battery, the headphones offer eight hours of playback Y USB-C fast charging. The latter allows you to get an hour of playback after just 15 minutes of charging. In addition, another 21 hours of playback can be obtained through the case of the headphones.

Lastly, the Philips A7507 include stabilizers and pads of different sizes to achieve a perfect fit in any type of ear.

The new ones Philips A7507 will be available from October 2022 with an official price of 180 euros.

Philips S7807 and S4807: Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

official Philips A7507, S4807 and S7807 complete speakers

The new Philips Bluetooth speakers share the same design philosophy as the sports headphones, offering robustness and resistance to water. They have been designed to be taken anywhere and can be used in all conditions thanks to their dust and water proof design. They feature a dual-layer rubber finish that’s available in black and red, or white and yellow, with gray accents and an integrated, detachable lanyard.

The Philips S7807 It is the largest model (104 x 104 x 280 mm) and the one that offers the best sound, thanks to the inclusion of two 20mm tweeters with two 70mm mid/bass woofers and one passive speaker that guarantee deeper bass and a clear midrange and treble.

This model has a power output of a respectable 40W, with a battery that offers a playback time of 24 hours. On the other hand, the S7807 can also be used to charge other equipment, since can act as a 5000 mAh power bank.

official Philips A7507, S4807 and S7807 compact speaker

For his part, the Philips S4807 It is the smallest model, with dimensions of 70x70x169 mm. Despite its small size, it includes a 20mm tweeter, a 45mm mid/bass driver and two passive speakers with 10 watts of power.

Due to the reduction in size, its autonomy is reduced to 12 hours. It has connectivity Bluetooth 5.2, like the larger model, allowing it to be connected to multiple devices. They can even be used to easily make hands-free calls, as they have a push-to-talk button that activates the voice assistant.

both models can be paired with a second computer to deliver stereo sound larger and more authentic.

The speakers Philips S7807 and S4807 will be available from february 2022 with an official price of 200 euros and 80 euros respectively.

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