Philips confirms that its first TVs with Google TV will arrive next year

Philips has a family of televisions that offer unquestionable picture quality. In addition, its most cutting-edge OLED Smart TVs have an interesting technology with which to avoid annoying retentions on this type of screen. But so far they haven’t released any. Philips TV with Google TV.

And it is a curious fact, since Philips is one of Google’s great partners. But unlike other firms like Sony or TCL, The Dutch manufacturer continues to bet on Android TV to be in charge of bringing its Smart TVs to life. Although it seems that things are going to change very soon.

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The first Philips Smart TVs with Google TV will arrive in 2023


The fellow flatpanels hd They have asked Philips about it and the company has confirmed that they have planned a transition to the new Google interface that would begin in 2023.

Thusthe next generation of Philips televisions that they present in January of next year could finally arrive with Google TV, or at least some of the models they show. Until now, in 2021 the televisions presented had Android 10, while the equipment for this year 2022 will have Android 11.

«Google TV and Android TV have many similarities and we see this as a gradual transition, which will happen once we have thoroughly tested the new format. We’ll most likely be moving to Google TV for our 2023 models, but in the meantime we’ll continue to update our Android TV offering and have recently introduced an updated user interface that uses tab-based browsing.Philips (TP Vision) wrote in response to questions from fellow FlatpanelsHD.

With these words, it is clear that Philips has continued to bet on Android TV for a reason, they already consider that the differences with Google TV are not interesting enoughs like to have made the leap to today. Of course, they know that the Mountain View-based company wants Android TV to disappear, so from next year the first models with the new Google interface for Smart TV and multimedia players will begin to arrive.

Philips OLED 805

Although Google confirmed that this function is delayed, one of the most interesting new features of Google TV has to do with the possibility of creating user profiles. But the truth is that the differences between Android TV and Google TV are not as decisive as one might expect from a new interface. Mainly, the new version has For you and Live tabs, personalized recommendations and little else. In addition, Android TV is adopting a very similar design to Google TV, so all the more reason to see few differences between the two interfaces.

In any case, we are sure that this year Google TV is going to bring a few new features that will make it a better option than Android TV so that more and more manufacturers are interested in this renewed interface that, let’s remember, has come to the market to replace Android TV, not to complement it as it is doing until now due to the lack of models with this renewed interface.

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