Philips incorporates 9 of TCO Certified in its monitors

Philips has reinforced its commitment to sustainability with incorporation of TCO Certified label 9 on its main monitors, a movement that makes it one of the first manufacturers to receive this certification, and that today holds the record for products with this label, since it adds nothing more and nothing less than 64 monitors Until now.

If we compare it with previous generations, the TCO Certified label 9 sets a series of new criteria, more demanding and with a greater scope throughout the entire product life cycle, which promotes sustainability in a more realistic way. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that getting this label is not easy at all, and that therefore, what Philips has achieved with those 64 monitors is quite an achievement.

To achieve the TCO Certified 9 label it is necessary to comply with more than 40 new sustainability indicators, which are collected, and verified, by independent experts from the technology sector. This is a clear value when it comes to driving greater sustainability among the major giants in the technology sector and, on the other hand, represents an important indicator of sustainability that consumers can easily identify, and take into account, when choosing their new products.

Among the most important characteristics that stand out, in terms of sustainability in Philips monitors, we can mention the system PowerSensor, which is capable of saving up to 70% energy through automatic brightness reduction when it detects that the user is not present, and the LightSensor, which automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the environment in which the user is.

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According to Philips, the 242B1G and the Philips 272B1G are two of the most efficient monitors in the world, as they achieve low energy consumption without having to compromise productivity or performance.

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