Philips prepares its Matter-compatible bulbs for the last quarter of this year

Of course, if there is a technology that many users are waiting for and that is related to home automation, it is the integration in Matter of the manufacturers. In this case the well-known signature Philips would be practically ready to launch its catalog of Matter-compatible bulbs during this last quarter of 2021.

The integration to Matter was one of the surprises in Apple’s keynote and it was finally made official. Now we have to hope that this protocol does not take too long to be added in smart devices such as for example Philips bulbs or Sonos speakers among many other products. This integration will allow users to control the HomeKit smart home from any speaker thanks to protocol unification in Matter.

In this case Philips Hue bulbs could present this Matter compatibility as of next September. Of course, it is a point to take into account just when we are going to buy our smart devices for home, work or office. And it is that depending on the products that we leave we will depend on external hubs or bridges for their use, in this case with Matter this will no longer be necessary.

Having the seal that guarantees compatibility with the new connection standard for Matter smart home products is without a doubt the best thing you can add to some smart bulbs that are already great in terms of brightness, quality and reliability. We will see if this first generation of smart bulbs already integrate it, which will surely be the case.

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