Phishing: no, Canal+ does not offer you gift vouchers, it’s a scam

Beware of this scam pretending to be Canal+. Several Internet users have received an email claiming that the TV channel, in partnership with Kadéos Edenred, is offering its customers €60 gift vouchers. Of course, the objective behind is to recover the identifiers of the victim, along with his bank details.

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Credits: Canal+

Identity theft is certainly one of the oldest methods in the world to scam its victims. In the age of the Internet, this most often consists of impersonating a company or an organization in order, at your choice, to arouse fear or lust at his target. This is how a scam tricked several people into believing that their carte vitale would soon expire or, on the other side of the spectrum, that Netflix had created its own cryptocurrency.

Also very popular with hackers, the excuse of gift vouchers is now making its mark again. This time the scammer decided to impersonate Canal+. According to the email received by the victims, the television channel has signed a partnership with Kadéos Edenred, in order to offer its subscribers a voucher of 60 €. All they have to do is click the link that is provided.

Beware of this scam pretending to be Canal+

The offer is particularly attractive, since it would allow its beneficiary to use the gift voucher in no less than 490 brands. But, as often, the pot of roses is only discovered once you go to the link. In doing so, the victim first arrives on a first page, the purpose of which is to counter the security devices of his device. Then she finds herself on a second one, which includes all the usual hacker mistakes.

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To start with spelling mistakes, which swarm by the dozens on the page. If, despite everything, the victim is not careful, he risks providing his MyCanal identifiers, in addition to allowing the pirate to retrieve his IP address. As it would be a shame to stop there, the scammer will also try to steal bank details of his victim. So be careful, especially since this scam has also been spotted with FNAC, CDiscount, Boulanger, Amazon, Rakuten and Sephora customers.

Source: ZATAZ

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