Photos from the Apple Watch, Tower Theater Store, and more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

Again one more Sunday we want to share with all of you some of the most interesting or outstanding news in I am from Mac. This week was quite quiet but we have had several interesting news about Apple and its products.

Of course, when summer arrives, the rate of news or rumors increases, especially when it comes to the iPhone, but there is also news about the Apple Watch, the possible new Macs and others. So let’s get comfortable and enjoy this Sunday with some of the news highlighted in this week prior to July.

This week we start with a small tutorial that we do on I’m on Mac for those users who have an Apple Watch and want to take a group photo or place the iPhone out of reach of the hands to take capture. This function has been around for a long time, but surely someone will remember how it works.


The new Apple Store in Los Angeles is undoubtedly spectacular both inside and out and Apple is one of the companies that likes to share these openings to show the work done in them. The store really looks impressive, so if you are near there we recommend you visit it.

At this stage there are not too many rumors about the possible launch of a new Mac Pro, but it is known that this year it could be the turn of the powerful Apple team. The recommendation when you go to buy a Mac Pro this wait if you can, logically if you need the equipment, do not buy it but we could have new Mac Pro at the end of the year.

Green Apple Watch

To finish we want to talk about the Apple Watch Series 7 that is to come and is that a new rumor about the internal components indicates that the device could have more space inside to add a larger battery, or other types of sensors thanks to chip improvements. We will see what Apple surprises us with in this new Series 7 that is getting closer to being presented.

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