Photoshop free! Adobe will release a free version of the program

However, one of the main drawbacks that these software solutions from the aforementioned firm offer us is that they are paid for. As surely many of you already know, this is something that extends to the aforementioned photo editor. But it seems that this is something that will change soon. We tell you all this because photoshopone of the most popular image editing solutions, will soon be offered free to anyone with an Adobe account.

Possibly this news is to the liking of many, since to date most use the subscription to the program, and it is also not cheap. It is worth mentioning that at this time the company has begun to experiment with a free version of the aforementioned program focused on images. Of course, something that we must keep in mind is that at the moment this test is limited to the Canadian region. With everything and with it, everything indicates that Adobe will soon expand it to other regions around the globe.

Thanks to everything we have told you, users in Canada can access Photoshop in its web version, through a free adobe account. This means that the aforementioned web version of Photoshop is available under the Free usage model. In this way most of the tools, brushes and other functions of the photo editor will be available for free.

Soon you will be able to use Adobe Photoshop for free

You should also know that the company plans to close some functions and turn them into exclusive to paying subscribers of the program. Despite this move, users of the Free version will have enough tools and features available for free. The whole set will serve them to carry out most of the basic works in the online application.

Photoshop online

Furthermore, according to Adobe the main features of photoshop They will be there for all those who from that moment no longer want to pay for the program. Keep in mind that the web version of Photoshop is relatively new. The firm launched this online platform in October 2021. At that time, users had access to a fairly rudimentary version of the app. These could perform some simple edits and little else. This means that complex tools and effects were not available in this version.

But over time Adobe has been constantly improving this web version where today we can highlight the integrated collaboration function. This is a feature that allows us to collaborate in real time with other users on our projects. Keep in mind that previously users had to share a document on the web from the desktop app. But today any subscriber to the program can connect and start a new document directly from the web and share it with others.

To say that at the moment the latest edition of the web version of the Photoshop editor offers powerful and extremely useful tools for retouching photos.

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