Photoshop was closing without warning: this is how I solved it

Among the many photo editors that we can use at the moment, adobe photoshop It is one of the most powerful and used solutions. This is a program that adapts to both the needs of novice users and the most professional.

Over the years, the software giant, developer of this application, has not stopped improving it in order to adapt to the needs of each moment. Not in vain are we talking about a program that has been with us for a good number of years offering its services. Little by little, new and more advanced functions have been integrated in order to cover the needs of the majority. Today we can find some functions even based on Artificial Intelligence to help us be more effective when editing our photos.

However, as is usual with most of the software we use, Photoshop is not exempt from certain specific problems. For example, it may be the case that on certain occasions the program closes suddenly and we don’t know the reason for it. Hence, we are going to give you some useful ones solutions in order to avoid this unpleasant situation.

It is not difficult to imagine that when Adobe photo editing program is suddenly closed, we have the possibility of losing our projects and works if we do not save them beforehand. This can be a significant inconvenience for professionals who regularly use Photoshop, or even for ordinary users who are carrying out their own editing projects at home.

Changes to prevent Photoshop from closing by itself

There are several circumstances that can occur for this unpleasant event that Photoshop closes itself to happen. Next, we will talk about some of the most common solutions.

  • Close the rest of the running programs: it may be the case that our computer is somewhat limited in terms of its available hardware. If we work with very heavy images this can adversely affect how Photoshop works. The best we can do is close the rest of the running applications to free up resources.
  • Activate the graphics processor: in the preferences window of the photo editing program we find a good number of parameters that we can customize. Specifically, in the section called Performance, we have the possibility of activating the use of the graphics processor in order to improve the how photoshop works and avoid unexpected shutdowns.
  • Your hard drive is low on space: If the Adobe program runs out of RAM to process our jobs, it will use the hard drive of the PC. This means that if we are short of this storage space, the photo editing program could suddenly close. This is solved by freeing up that space on the primary drive.
  • Reinstall Photoshop: in the event that the solutions that we are exposed to are not effective in avoiding the unexpected closing of the program, you may have some internal problem. This means that we should remove it from our computer and reinstall it in order to solve possible problems with the application files being damaged for some reason.

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