Physical renews for a second season on Apple TV +


The comedy tragi, whose first season finale is about to take place, sees Byrne play the role of Sheila, a distraught housewife in the 1980s who transforms into an aerobics video star while her husband is running for political office. A series that has featured him critical and public support and for that reason the possibility of a second season has been won.

The Physical series was created by Annie Weisman, who has worked on shows like “About a Boy,” “Suburgatory,” “I Feel Bad,” and “Desperate Housewives.” Directed by Craig Gillepsie, Liza Johnson, and Stephanie Laing. It has captivated Apple TV + viewers and critics. For this reason, the company has decided that this series will have a second season of which still we do not have a scheduled release date nor of when it will begin to roll.

We still have the first season in the making that is not over and the one that is approaching, yes the last chapter. Per the adventures of the protagonist and her exercises videos in the most Jane Fonda style, they will have their continuity very soon on Apple TV + that continues to bet on the quality of its content. To quote the words of Michelle Lee, director of home programming for Apple TV +:

We couldn’t be more proud to show Annie Weisman’s unique take on this dark, heartbreaking, and daring story. And then we got to see Rose Byrne inhabit this incredible character hidden behind several layers, giving us an unforgettable performance on tour de force. We have been excited see audiences around the world fall in love with this show And we can’t wait for everyone to experience the next chapter in Sheila’s journey to personal empowerment.

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