Pikmin, all the games of the Nintendo franchise ordered

The creator of Pikmin is the great Shigeru Miyamotothe same artist who brought Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong to life.

Pikmin Main Saga

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The main saga of Pikmin is composed of four deliveries:

Pikmin (GameCube, 2001)

The first installment of Pikmin arrived at the nintendo gamecube in 2001, and it did not sell badly if we take into account that said console was not particularly successful, despite having an outstanding catalog.

The premise of the game was quite simple, but the implementation of the mechanics and the gameplay would make Pikmin look like an especially original game. The story begins in space with the Captain Olivera pilot suffering from asteroid impact. His ship loses control, and ends up hitting a mysterious planet. His ship falls to pieces, and Olimar discovers that he won’t survive for long, for if he exhausts the air reserves availablewill die.

So, Olimar sets out to search the planet for the 30 pieces that has lost of your ship. During the adventure, he will have the Pikmin, some nice creatures that will lend him a hand. Olimar has just one month to complete his ship, or he will die from the poisonous gas present on the Pikmin planet, which is none other than oxygen. The time limit gave the game a very special touch. Miyamoto probably applied this idea based on his previous success with The Legend of Zelda: Upgrade’s Mask.

During this game there is a total of three different pikmin: Reds are immune to fire and are strong in battle. The blue ones are able to swim, and they don’t drown like the others. And the yellow ones, which are especially light. Olimar will give orders to the different groups of Pikmin and thus achieve objectives that they could not accomplish separately.

Pikmin 2 (GameCube, 2004)

The second delivery of Pikmin was not long in appearing. this sequel removed the time limit mechanic, but with some logic. Olimar had managed to get out of his space accident alive, but upon returning to Hocotate, his home planet, the captain will discover that his company has gone bankrupt. With a large pending debt, Olimar will return to the Pikmin planet after learning that a button he brought back as a souvenir is considered a treasure.

With the proper supplies, Olimar and Louie will board the ship to acquire new treasures and get out of bankruptcy. The mechanics of the game remained, although new creatures were added, such as the white and purple Pikmin. The game was also controlled in days, but the air was no longer a problem for the protagonists.

The sequel was met with exceptional reception. The game was able to polish the mechanics to get more out of it, as well as work on the graphics. Both this title and the original were later ported to Wiichanging the control system.

Pikmin 3 (Wii U, 2013)

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It seems incredible that a console as successful as the Wii did not have its own Pikmin. We had to wait almost a decade to be able to play the third installment of this series.

The premise of Pikmin 3 was a bit different. The game introduces us to the citizens of the Koppai planet, which have run out of resources due to overpopulation. To avoid a misfortune, this civilization launches probes throughout the galaxy in search of planets with resources. That’s how they find him pikmin planet.

In this installment we will take three characters who will manage the Pikmin to get fruits to take to Koppai. New creatures were added to the game: rock creatures (which we can use as projectiles), and pink creatures, which are capable of flying. Pikmin 3 recovers part of the survival spirit of the original delivery, and also had very good reviews. It did not sell badly if we take into account that the Wii U had a worse deployment in the market than the GameCube, which is saying something.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch, 2021)

With the Nintendo Switch on the way to becoming the best-selling console in history, Nintendo knew that Pikmin 3 had to have a port for the occasion, something that does not surprise us, since the entire original Wii U catalog has ended sooner or later on Switch .

Pikmin 3 Deluxe It lives up to the last name ‘Deluxe’ that all Switch games carry. It is a improved version of the original game. They were added new chapters to the main story, as well as some plot details were polished, changing parts of the prologue and the end of the game. Also added a new cooperative modegyroscope control and many graphic improvements.

Pikmin 4 (Nintendo Switch, 2023)

On September 13, 2022, Shigeru Miyamoto himself presented the Pikmin fourth installment in a Nintendo Direct. The artist did not give too many details about this installment, although years before, Nintendo assured fans that the studio was working on a new sequel to Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 is probably the answer to a great host of Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Switch, and will be out for the hybrid console in 2023.

Pikmin spinoffs

To date, Pikmin has had a total of two titles off the main line. They are the following:

Hey! Pikmin (Nintendo 3DS, 2017)

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The first spinoff of Pikmin is something like a remake of the original. We control again olimar on a space trip. An asteroid hits their ship and we land on the Pikmin’s planet. The objective will be to recover fuel for your spaceship.

However, there are huge changes in this installment. The game put 3D aside and became a 2D game with scroll side, in the purest Metroid or Super Mario style. They focused solely on puzzles and other more complex ideas such as exploration were ignored. Also, the way Pikmin are used in levels has been completely changed. For that reason, this Nintendo 3DS installment was not spared receiving a moderate amount of bad reviews.

Pikmin Bloom (Mobile, 2021)

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This delivery of Pikmin only came to mobile devices iOS and Android. It is a game made from a collaboration between Nintendo and Nianticso the game shares many elements with Pokémon GO, the success of augmented reality.

the essence of Pikmin Bloom it is similar to the one we saw in 2016 with Pokémon Go. It is an original game in which, using location, the mobile camera and augmented reality, we can move around our city or town planting flowers and collecting creatures. This title does not seek to have an amazing gameplay, but rather to keep us company when we leave the house for a walk.

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