Pilot a FPV drone safely with AI Drone Simulator

AI Drone Simulator

There are many simulators that allow us to carry out activities that for one reason or another we would not dare to do in real life. Either for security reasons or for the cost of trying.

For example, if you like the subject of flying and have always dreamed of being a pilot, you can enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator and it is surely easier than looking for a school where they not only teach you everything you need with air regulations, but also how to fly. Something that must be mind-boggling, but also dangerous for obvious reasons.

Well, something similar happens with AI Drone Simulator. This simulator allows you fly a drone in first person. That is, piloting a racing drone or some other proposal like the DJI FPV that so many spectacular images have been offering us in recent years.

Some examples of images captured by a drone of this type are those of the eruption of a volcano, those of the bowling alley or even the recent video that served to welcome Messi to the PSG team (Paris Saint Germen).

However, going back to the simulator itself, it must be said that it is a great option not only to fly a drone safely and experience that feeling when doing it with a first-person camera view, it is also an ideal way to see to what extent you have the dexterity necessary to fly these types of devices.

Show your skills indoors and outdoors

AI Drone Simulator is a simulator that, although graphically not as spectacular as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, does offer a variety of features that allow the experience to be adapted to all types of users. So much so that it can be a good complement to start or simply train for when an FPV drone is flown in the real world later.

So, as a quick summary, this is what AI Drone Simulator offers:

  • Option to use existing or configured drones from a Blackbox file
  • Wide variety of maps, from natural to cities, factories, etc. And not only exterior maps, also interior maps
  • A multitude of objects to move around and demonstrate your skills as a pilot, but you will have to have millimeter precision to avoid impact
  • Racing modes, time trial, ghost, time trial and more
  • Track editor to create your own tour
  • Support for a multitude of controllers or gamepad

With all this and some additional options, such as the possibility to download and share the creations made by other users on drones, racing, scenarios, etc., the AI ​​Dron Simulator drone flight simulator is an attractive option for those who are interested. in all this world.

AI Drone Simulator, price and minimum requirements

If at this point you are interested in the game, you should know that it is available through Steam and that its price is 24.99 euros. In addition to supporting the interface in different languages, including Spanish.

Regarding the minimum requirements, it must be said that they are not very high:

  • Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Graphics AMD RX5700 or Nvidia GTX 1050
  • DirectX 11 support
  • 35 GB of disk space

From there, the more power your PC has, the better the better, but first in most current computers it should be able to run without problems. So now you know, if you think you would be a good drone pilot, you can practice with this one. Logically it is not the only game of this type, but it is an option to consider.

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