PIN, password or fingerprint, which method is better to protect Windows

The first thing we must do when we open a new computer or when we format it, is to select which security method we want to use to protect access to our equipment. Windows puts at our disposal different methods to do so, either using a PIN code, fingerprint, password or facial recognition, although the latter is not available on all laptops or compatible with all webcams. But what is the best option?

All the methods are safe by themselves, since it is only the type of barrier that we must overcome to be able to access the system from the lock screen, however, depending on the environment in which we find ourselves, some may be safer than others. Regardless of which method we are going to use to protect our PC, if we lose the code or the sensor does not recognize the fingerprint or face, we can quickly recover access to our PC using the Microsoft account associated with the device.

Pin code

The PIN code is the most widely used method to protect access to our PC. It is because it is the easiest to use and where we only have to enter a 4-digit code (or longer if we prefer). However, it is not the safest method if we use our equipment in a shared environment with other people, since, by repeatedly introducing it, Anyone whoever wants to know it, in time, will find out without much trouble.

lock screen


Using a password is much more secure than the PIN code, as long as we use a long password that combines uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Not only is it safer if we use a password of this type, but it is also more complicated for the people around us to know which keys we are pressing to enter it on the keyboard, since our hands are in charge of hide the keys that we use when introducing it.


Using your fingerprint is the easiest and most convenient method to protect access to a Windows computer. It is not necessary to use the keyboard to enter a PIN code or a password with the consequent risk that some of the people around us may notice how we enter it and, over time, find out. However, if we want this method to work the first time, we must try to always have clean hands and avoid touching the sensor with wet or sweaty hands, otherwise the sensor will not be able to easily recognize the fingerprint.

facial recognition

The fourth and last method that Microsoft also makes available to us to protect access to our PC is to use facial recognition. The problem with this method, the most comfortable of all since we don’t need to interact with any device, just sit in front of the computer, is that it doesn’t work with any webcam, but only with webcams that are compatible with Windows Hello. These cameras carry infrared sensors to detect the volume of our face in order to differentiate between a normal photograph and our face.

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