Pinterest introduces new ways to make money from your content

Recommend through Pinterest and you will earn money

Generating money with social networks is not always easy. It is true that there are many options, but not all offer the same possibilities. Thus, for example, there are networks where there are advertiser programs such as the YouTube Partner that allows you to automatically insert ads when you meet certain criteria and generate income with them.

However, in networks where this does not occur, other alternatives must be sought. On Pinterest, for example, it is common to earn money through the use of boards and pins. The only problem is that in most cases they take you out of the social network and that does not interest either the platform or the user who is browsing it.

So now Pinterest wants to change all this and will do so by introducing new features that will allow purchases through affiliate links that will be added to the pins and other publications that can be made in it.

This will be very attractive for influencers who already have a good reputation, because the user will not have to leave the platform a priori to acquire the product that they are seeing recommended. Although it will not be the only option that will exist to monetize.

The use of direct purchases through other publications will also be greatly enhanced, such as that particular vision of the stories that already exist in other more popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

And finally, the social network will offer a new label with the transparent enhancement of the shares paid with brands. So users will know at all times if the content they are viewing belongs to a campaign or not. Because until now there is no such option as such, many users abuse. Although it is a double-edged sword and in the future it could turn against you, affecting your own credibility.

Who can use these new revenue streams from Pinterest

At the moment, these new income streams are already available for both company profiles and creators with commercial profiles. Of course, for now users in the United States and United Kingdom are those who can enjoy the option of adding affiliate links to the pins and their Idea Pins, but it should not take long to reach the rest of international users.

Similarly, the label for paid contributions it is only for selected users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

It will be necessary to see how these options evolve and to what extent they end up achieving what they really want: that those users who generate content periodically on the platform continue to do so and do not end up abandoning and betting on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

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