pirate streaming blocking affects thousands of innocent services

Copyright protection organizations are stepping up pressure on European legislators to obtain tools to cut off pirated content broadcasters as quickly as possible, even if it means penalizing intermediaries and making mistakes.

While in most European countries it is up to ISPs to block access to pirate streaming streams, the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) pushing for intermediaries to play a more proactive role in this fight.

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Torrent Freaks points out that although IPTVs broadcast all kinds of pirated content, the sports leagues, professional football and boxing in particular, are the most vocal in defending their copyrights. The illegal streaming of these events represents a big loss of revenue. In France, for example, Arcom and ISPs have joined forces to put an end to the piracy of sports content

The fight against IPTV pirates blocks access to thousands of innocent sites, and they can’t complain about it

In a document detailing the problems they face, the rights holders criticize the intermediaries “for exploiting all the ambiguities of the law in order not to act at all […] this is why concrete measures must be taken”. The AAPA is therefore calling for a law that would make it possible to stop illegal broadcasting within minutes of a report. In case of non-cooperation, intermediaries should be designated as responsible.

Cloudflare, an American company that offers a content distribution network, however, claims that this policy is dangerous and leads to abuses. The company adds that “IP address blocking promoted against IPTV services often has serious unintended, unavoidable, and unreported consequences.” It has already taken thousands of perfectly legal sites offline. In these cases, neither the ISPs nor the rights holders are obliged to repair the damage caused to the services which have been unfairly penalized. According to Cloudflare, European law must be improved to demand more transparency from rights holders.

Source : Torrent Freak

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