Pixel 6: a new bug automatically rejects calls

A new bug affects the Pixel 6. According to testimonials that have appeared online, Google smartphones sometimes automatically reject calls without notifying the user. The call is only displayed in the call log.

Pixel 6s continue tochain software bugs despite the many patches deployed by Google. Many users continue to experience network connection problems, especially with Wi-Fi.

In recent days, a new bug has been reported by Internet users on Reddit, the American social network. Pixel 6s sometimes automatically reject phone calls, according to some users. The user is then unaware that a call has been refused. Indeed, the smartphone is careful not to display a notification or emit a ringtone.

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Pixel 6s reject some calls without users knowing

On the other hand, the telephone call, automatically refused by the Pixel 6, is displayed in call history. “My Pixel 6 pro seems to be refusing calls on my behalf without my knowledge. It happens completely randomly. At least 4 times a week I ask someone to tell me they tried to call me, but I don’t get a missed call notification”, explains a user on Reddit. He specifies that his contacts ensure that the call rings as usual on their side.

This bug occurs completely randomly with “contacts I have saved and not just unknown numbers”. It also happens that phone calls are correctly supported by the Google smartphone. Several similar testimonies have been added on Reddit. In some cases, it happens that the call is interrupted in the middle of a conversation.

To correct the situation, some users have disabled WiFi calls, reset network settings or restarted the smartphone. Without success. Calls continue to be randomly rejected by the Pixel 6. Telecom operators contacted by Internet users claim that the problem is not with the network.

For now, Google has not yet officially confirmed the existence of this failure. We bet that the Mountain View giant quickly deploy a patch to solve the problem. We’ll tell you more about this new bug as soon as possible.

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