Pixel 6: April update fixes a bug that made the camera screen all green

Google has just rolled out a new April update for its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. In addition to bringing the April security patch, the new update fixes a whole bunch of bugs that were spoiling the user experience.

Just a few weeks after rolling out the massive March update, which notably brought new photo options to Snapchat, but also improvements to Live Caption and Live Translate features, Google has now just rolled out a new update, which of course includes the April security patch. It is therefore better to install it as soon as possible so that your smartphone is protected.

In the April update: a handful of patches that resolve some bugswhich will help users who were having issues with wireless charging and the camera app on Pixel 6. The update also comes to fix some general UI issues that all Pixel devices were experiencing on Android 12.

What bugs does the April update fix?

According to Google, wireless charging updates for the Pixel 6 line should improve performance charging with certain accessories (models not specified). In addition, Google would have managed to fix bugs that could zoom in the camera preview in selfie mode with certain apps or make appear green screen in camera app.

For the rest of the Pixel lineup, Google has fixed the picture-in-picture crashing issues, which lets you layer apps. The update also resolves live wallpaper errorsa problem with the Quick Settings menu as well as a navigation bug on third-party launchers.

For the moment, it is unclear whether or not this new April update fixes network bugs, which Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners have been dealing with for several months now. Google had announced that it had solved them on numerous occasions, but several users are still complaining of failures with the cellular or Wi-Fi network connection.

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