Pixel 6 Pro: a bug prevents some smartphones from recharging properly

Some Pixel 6 Pro owners seem to have a major problem with their smartphone charging fast, since it would take much longer than expected to charge to 100%.

Users have reported on Reddit that their Pixel 6 Pro is no longer charging as quickly as before. ” Has anyone experienced a recent slowdown in the charge rate of their Pixel 6 Pro? Everything was working normally until today and now it’s loading at a snail’s pace. Reboot did not help “, Can we read on Reddit. Some Pixel 6 Pro owners even report that their smartphones took more than 3 hours to recharge, against a little less than two hours normally.

The Pixel 6 Pro is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery compatible with 30W fast charging. Although Google recently admitted to lying about the 30W fast charging of its smartphones, it is not normal for the battery to take so long to recover.

Adaptive Charging would not be responsible

According to some testimonies, users face an abrupt slowdown in load from 80% to 100%. This is not a problem, but the “Adaptive Charging” feature, which helps keep your battery healthy. This is because the phone stops charging at 80% and calculates how fast it needs to charge the remaining 20% ​​so that the battery is at 100% just when you are likely to unplug it.

However, other users report that the recharge speed is already reduced before 80%, thus negating the Adaptive Recharge feature. Some people would have decided to change their charger by buying a 20W charger from Apple, and most have noticed a significant improvement in charging speed.

However, changing the charger doesn’t seem to solve the problem for all Pixel 6 Pro owners, who blame the December 2021 update. Yet the December update was originally intended to fix many issues on the two top-of-the-range smartphones from Google. Unfortunately, it seems that this one is still riddled with bugs, and only made things worse for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Source: Reddit

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