Pixel 7: Google formalizes its future premium smartphone

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were announced by Google. This is only a first look and the brand will announce more next fall, but the products are official. A way to pull the rug out from under the leaks that were already beginning to flourish here and there on the net.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have been announced by Google! During its opening conference of the Google I / O, the Mountain View company created a surprise by showing its new flagship terminals. But beware, this is not a formal advertisement.

Google has indeed “satisfied” with a first glimpse. We were therefore able to see a little bit the design of the two smartphones (which are very similar to the Pixel 6) as well as their evolution which remains modest, but no more.

Google promises to say more in the fall

Google has also indicated that the Pixel 7 (and its Pro version) will go further in terms of photography. We know that the Pixel 6 are already references in the field, the new terminals will therefore be expected at the turn. Both smartphones will also feature of the next Google Tensor SoC, but also Android 13 and… that’s it. Google said no more!

This announcement is more of a teaser than anything else to pull the rug out from under leakers and other rumours. Indeed, months before its release, the Pixel 7 has already started leaking everywhere, revealing its design and the changes made to this segment. With this preview, the Californian company refuse to play cat and mouse with the internet : the look of the phone is now known, the surprises will focus around features and performance.

In addition to this surprise Pixel 7, Google announced the Pixel 6a, more extensively this time. This is the more affordable version of the two previous smartphones and which incorporates their main features and their very particular design. It will be available in July at $449. The Mountain View company also unveiled new features related to Android, such as Look and Talk for the Nest Hub Max.

As for the Pixel 7, the “classic” announcement should take place sometime in October.

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