Pixelmator Pro beta offers support for shortcuts in macOS Monterey

Pixelmator Pro shortcuts

Last June, the Pixelmator developer announced that it was working to offer support for macOS Monterey shortcuts in Pixelmator Pro. Two months later, the first beta of Pixelmator Pro with support for these shortcuts is now available.

This first beta, now available through TestFlight, will initially offer support for 24 shortcuts, but it is likely that in the final version, this number will be higher, as the company continues to work on adding new shortcuts to make life easier for the users of this application.

On the blog where Pixelmator made the announcement, we can read:

We’ve been waiting for TestFlight for macOS for a long time, so we wanted to be one of the first apps available on it, even though TestFlight itself is still in beta.

This first beta will be available only to the first 500 users who sign up through TestFlight, as long as they are aware that it is a beta of the application, so it is likely that the performance offered by both the application and the functions, is not what we will see in the final version.

Apple announced the arrival of macOS Monterey shortcuts in the past WWDC, shortcuts that will allow users to automate day-to-day tasks and thus be able to increase their productivity.

More knowledgeable users can use the shortcut editor to customize shortcuts to suit your workflows. These keyboard shortcuts will be integrated throughout the operating system, from the Finder to Spotlight to Siri, allowing users to use them regardless of the application they are using.

Most likely the final version of Pixelmator Pro with support for shortcuts, launches the same day one day after the release of the final version of macOS Monterey, a version of which at the moment we only know that it will be launched in the fall.

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