Pixelmator Pro cuts its price in half and adds automatic fund removal

Like every Black Friday, the guys at Pixelmator take advantage of this time of year to cut the price of your app in half to take advantage of the fact that many users are with their wallets in hand at all times. But, unlike in previous years, this discount comes with a new function that allows you to delete funds automatically.

This new update, with which the application reaches version 2.3, it has been baptized as Abracadabra allowing you to automatically remove backgrounds, like magic, in any image along with a new automatic subject selection feature – the same features Photoshop introduced a few weeks ago.

These main features are part of the same new functionality and its operation is as simple as click on the surface that we want to delete so that the application does the rest.

Regarding this functionality, from Pixelmator they state that:

When the background is removed from an image, the object that remains can often have traces of the previous background around its edges. The Decontaminate Colors feature (powered by AI) automatically removes these traces so objects blend seamlessly with any new background.

This function worked really fast in most cases, however, not perfect, and on more than one occasion, we will be forced to review the edge of the subject or object from which we have eliminated the background.

Pixelmator Pro has a regular price in the Mac App Store of 39.99 euros, but for a limited time, we can buy it at half priceor, that is, for only 19.99 euros.

If you have purchased Pixelmator Pro in the past, this update is available for your download completely free of charge.

Pixelmator Pro (AppStore Link)

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