Pixelmator Pro is updated and improves compatibility with Photoshop


Pixelmator Pro is an image editor designed to make the most powerful professional image editing tools accessible to everyone. Photoshop’s great rival on the Mac. Probably one of the few programs that overshadows the king of kings. Now also with the new update, it has been achieved that these differences are minor since Pixelmator Pro has gotten better compatibility with Photoshop.

The update is free for all existing Pixelmator Pro users.

Pixelmator Pro for macOS has received a major update. It has been restructured your ability to read and write files for Adobe Photoshop, including optimization of files for use in professional Apple applications. The update to 2.1.3, makes quite a few changes in the way the image editing application handles the files generated by its main competitor, Adobe Photoshop. While the art tool was capable of handling PSD files previously, the update promises to improve the experience when using them.

The key to the update is a new Photoshop torque engine. Part of Pixelmator Pro that handles the reading, opening and writing of Photoshop files. This is how the team explains it on their own blog: The engine has been rewritten to be «faster, safer and much more advanced ”.

The project has been working on for about a year. During that time of research and trial and error, the Pixelmator development team have become true experts on their rival. So they think this update is safe. The new engine changes the way shapes are handled in native Photoshop files, since they were previously opened as image layers. After the update, the shapes will open as vector shapes and can also be exported again as shapes for better compatibility.

The update also introduces support for PSB files, TIFF files layered, improved effect support and adjustment layer settings. Support for text layers has been updated, such as including the size of SF symbols and improving the way it handles line heights.

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