Pixelmator Pro will add integration with the macOS Monterey Shortcuts application

During the past WWDC21, Apple announced that the application Shortcuts would finally come to macOS Monterey as an independent application and with an identical operation to the one that we can find in iOS. Thanks to this application, users will be able to create automations using the Shortcuts application in macOS Monterey, an application that allows you to import automations already created with Automator. As we can read in the last entry in the Pixelmator blog, the team of this application has announced that it is working on the compatibility of Shortcuts with the Pixelmator Pro application on macOS.

Now that WWDC is over (lots of love, again, to the new virtual format!), We just wanted to share a very quick update with you: Pixelmator Pro will have shortcut support. And we will do our best to make sure that that support is first class, the best.

When Pixelmator Pro adds support for the Shortcuts app, users will be able to resize images with just one button or command and even add a preset to multiple photos. As an example, in the image above, the Pixelmator Pro team shows an “Enhance” shortcut, where an image is resized using Super Resolution ML resampling. As simple as that.

The last major update to Pixelmator Pro was introduced late last year with a revised user interface with new designs for the application toolbars and editor sidebars, including a dynamic effects browser.

They have also drastically expanded app interface customization options. At the time, the Pixelmator Pro 2.0 update brought with it support for macOS Big Sur and the new MacBooks and Mac mini with M1 technology.

Currently, the developer of this application, is working on Pixelmator Pro 2.1, version that will add the ability to quickly view and set primary and secondary colors, a way to change the color of any object in the document using drag and drop, and a new ML Clipping function, which analyzes the composition of photos using a machine learning algorithm and offers the user suggestions on how the photo could be cropped to make it more eye-catching.


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