Place your iPhone in the air vent of your car with the new from Belkin

MagSafe Car Mount

Belkin cannot say that it is one of the most active manufacturers in this of taking advantage of the MagSafe connector of the last iPhone and, presumably if they do not surprise us, of the futures that will be launched both this year and the following ones, but it is one of those that they take advantage of in a more interesting way.

His latest proposal is a car holder, the second for use inside a vehicle, which is designed to hold firmly to the air outlet grilles inside the car. That is, those that are both in the central part of the control column and on the sides.

The new model offers a very attractive design, which is always important for those users who do not want “stains” on their dashboard. As much as keeping the iPhone securely is more important.

In addition to the naked eye, Belkin’s new car mount with MagSafe mount incorporates a ball that allows you to rotate and place in the position that best suits the pilot’s needs. Thus, for example, if you are using the Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze or any other application, you will be able to see the directions on the screen without having to form an uncomfortable position or that could cause an accident.

The two handicaps of the new Belkin support

Although most of all these supports cannot attract, you have to be critical and also see the weak points or where they could have offered something more. Of course, if it were to do so, one of the “problems” would have increased much more.

The first mistake is that it is only a support, not a wireless charging base that is fixed to the air vents of the car and holds the new iPhones with a system of magnets. It is true that the support has a slot to pass the USB to Lightning cable out there and charge the phone when needed. But it is not or would not be as comfortable as having an integrated Qi base.

The second problem is the price, 39.99 euros For a support of this type, you may have justification for materials, designs and reliability, but surely the cost of many users throws them back. And that does not have wireless charging. That is why we said that if we had integrated it, we would easily talk about a product that would go to 80 euros.

However, here as with any other product, the key is to assess to what extent the investment is worth it. No matter what the reasons are, if they are valid for you, go ahead. By the way, seeing that Realme and Oppo have added their own alternative to MagSafe in their latest terminals, it is possible that many of the accessories for iPhone are also valid for those, although it will be a matter of testing. And don’t forget that you could also add MagSafe to any iPhone or smartphone cheaply.

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