Play cheaply on Windows 11 with Trust Ziva peripherals

We are all clear that peripherals according to our needs make a palpable and real difference in our gaming performance. Whether you are a casual or professional player, what is clear is that no one wants to lose the game and given the current competitiveness seen in any game, all users are increasing their level.

Therefore, the typical mouse that they gave us with the assembly of the PC or with the purchase of the month is no longer worth us and we have to go to more competent peripherals. Those who have tested the difference between a laser and an optical sensor in a mouse know that small details make the difference, so better opt for peripherals with quality and performance like these from Trust.

Trust Ziva 4 in 1 Bundle, quality and performance at an unbeatable price

There are many ways to compete in the market, but the one that never fails is precisely to be present in a competitive way in all segments. Trust is clear about it and therefore already has a representative for those users who have the tightest pocket, but who are demanding in the quality / price / performance ratio.

The Trust Ziva 4 in 1 logically consists of 4 essential peripherals for any gamer, so let’s get to know them more in depth one by one.

RGB keyboard


We are talking about a full keyboard, no TKL or the like, where the main characteristic that defines it is precisely its robustness based on its design. As you can see, we are facing an RGB keyboard that will allow us long gaming sessions without our wrists or fingers suffering thanks to its design.

In addition, if any liquid falls on us we will not have to suffer for this, since it has a liquid-proof design, something very useful when we have a drink nearby and inadvertently throw it away. Finally, we have an exclusive mode in this newly built Ziva keyboard that will allow disabling the Windows key, so that we never get out of the game by making a mistake when pressing.

Ziva mouse and pad


The Ziva mouse is the perfect peripheral for those who are not going to spend a penny too much for high performance. We are talking about a model with 6 buttons that will allow us a perfect fit and grips thanks to its design and its rubber cover.

How could it be otherwise, it has backlighting, allowing it to always be in view, where we can also select the speed of the sensor in a single click, being this adjustable between 1000, 1600, 2200 or 3000 dpi.

But this very precise mouse would be of little use if we do not have a mat at the height right under it, since no matter how good a mouse we have, the contact surface with it must be optimal for its best performance and 1 to 1 monitoring.

That’s why the Ziva mousepad is crying out for you to put its brother on top and start playing. We are facing a mat with a consistent textured surface that will allow us optimal precision when accompanied by said mouse. But as a good product, we can use it with any mouse on the market, whether it has an optical or laser sensor, and of course the sensitivity will not be a problem given the quality of the material used.

Another of the key points in this peripheral is precisely the surface, since if we play with low dpi we will have to travel a much greater distance than if this value is very high. Therefore, maximum precision comes at the cost of distance, but this will not be a problem here, as the Trust Ziva mouse pad has a surface area of 220 x 300 mm, more than enough for any low dpi, even if the value is 1000 dpi.

As expected, we have in its lower part a non-slip surface that will adapt to all existing materials at home. From wood, to glass, lacquer, laminate or varnish, this Trust Ziva mat will not move out of place and will retain its grip even at extreme dpi.

Trust Ziva Headphones


A good headset could not be missing in the bundle, since it is an important part of the advantage that we can have against a rival. These Trust Ziva helmets were designed to enhance online gaming, but also to enjoy music or video conferencing.

It has the particularity of having a adjustable headband, which will allow a perfect fit on our head without having too much pressure on it. In addition, the included ear cushions are soft, which at the same time improves the feeling of comfort and an overall better fit of these Trust Ziva headphones.

The volume control is done from the atrium, which improves ergonomics and general ease of use by not having a control hanging on its cable. 1.8 meters. As a good gaming headset, it has a very sensitive microphone that will allow us to communicate with our rivals or friends with total clarity and without any distortion, where we can also control its volume independently, a really interesting detail.

As we can see, this Trust Ziva bundle is really interesting and achieves its purpose: to offer quality, and benefits at a contained price, since the brand has valued them at only 39.99 euros. At the moment and in the absence of a Trust date, the availability is not known, although the previous bundle that receives the same name has already been discontinued and it is expected that at some point this month this new Trust Ziva will be available both in stores and on the brand’s website.

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