Play Far Cry 5 for free this weekend with Ubisoft’s Free Weekend

Welcome to Hope County

As in every Far Cry, the story will introduce us to an unscrupulous villain who has dominated the entire Hope County. It’s about Joseph Seed and the Heralds, the leaders of the apocalyptic sect Eden gate, charged with threatening the freedom of the entire region. Believing that an inevitable collapse will come, Seed believes he has a responsibility to protect people, and for this he has created the Eden gate, a sect with a military character that has spread terror among a large part of the people and has subjected the citizens to its radical regime.

On the other side are those who are determined to face it, a resistance movement in which you will be part as a bailiff of the sheriff’s office and where you will have to manage to destroy the entire sect until you reach its leader.

Open world with the possibility of cooperative

Far Cry 5 free

The best of Far cry 5 is that the campaign can be played perfectly in cooperative, so players can be accompanied by a friend when completing the entire story. This may be a help to make the most of this free weekend, since taking into account the extension of the map and the game, a weekend will be known to little to be able to enjoy 100% of the entire game.

Like other Far Cry installments, we will enjoy an open world that we can explore with complete freedom, although there will be certain areas that we will not be able to reach until we get the arsenal and the right skills, since that will be where difficult enemies await us. .

When does the Far Cry 5 Free Weekend start?

Far Cry 5 free

The exact times that Far Cry 5 Free Weekend will begin are as follows:

  • PC via Ubisoft Store: August 5 at 3pm CET
  • PC via Epic Games Store: August 5 at 7pm CET
  • PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: August 5 at 9:01 am CET
  • Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One: August 5 at 9:01 am CET

As you can see, the free trial period will be available on all platforms, so there will be no limits when it comes to playing this installment of Far Cry. In addition, although Ubisoft has not given the exact date, the game can also be played completely free by streaming through Stadia, so you can also try it in case you want to do it from your vacation place.

This free trial period will be great for those who want to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and narrative style of Far Cry before receiving the expected Far Cry 6, which will hit stores on October 7.

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