Play the best retro games with your friends, and without installing anything

The lovers who video game on the PC platform there are millions of them around the globe, and there are all kinds of them. Some prefer to play the more modern titles, while others prefer to go for the retro games. There are also players who prefer to play alone, while many others prefer to do it in a group.

Because of this wide variety of types of gamers, the developers of this entertainment-related software try to meet the needs of almost all of them. But we also find a few exceptions that try to cover, from a single interface, a good part of these modes of use that we have mentioned. In fact, next, we are going to talk about a website that most of you will surely love and that will help you spend an enormous number of hours playing.

It will not always be necessary to install the latest titles released on the market to have a good time with friends playing on pc. We can also take advantage of titles that are offered over the Internet and that we will even be able to share with our friends to improve the experience. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about below.

Specifically, we are referring to the platform known as, which we can access quickly and easily from our favorite web browser through this link. The first thing we should know is that this is a web application that works in the cloud and that will allow us to enjoy games so much vintage as more modern directly from here.

Play in a group with friends, and for free

One of the main characteristics that define this platform that we are talking about is that it allows us to play with users from all over the world from this aforementioned website. For many it is a social platform focused on the video game software sector with which we can spend endless hours entertained. All this is achieved thanks to a multitude of rooms made up of a maximum of 8 players which we can access to play online and in a group.

This will allow us to interact with the rest and socialize, all from this gaming platform. To all this, that we are telling you, we add that to use and enjoy this gaming platform, we will not have to download or install anything locally to our computer. What’s more, we will enjoy a huge number of titles in this way for free and without ads. Obviously for all this we will have to register in the web application through an email to create a personal account.

And not only will we have the possibility of accessing the game rooms that we find, but we will even be able to create our own and invite our friends. It should be mentioned that the playrooms They can be both public and private, it all depends on the previous configuration of its creator. Obviously here we are going to find titles from a wide range of categories. We can even connect our webcam to interact with the rest of the components of that room through it, not just through chat.

As a security system and to guarantee the reliability of the rooms when playing here, the platform offers us an AI called Bodyguard.AI which prevents spam and disallowed language.

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