Play with the bugs from Pikmin Bloom, the new Pokémon GO title

Nintendo finally unveiled Pikmin Bloom, the new game developed by Niantic that will take advantage of the experience in augmented reality with Pokémon Go to offer a very particular proposal where these little characters will once again be the protagonists. If you liked the saga, you should still take a look at what Pikmin Bloom offers.

Pikmin Bloom: walk so they grow

When Nintendo and Niantic announced that they were going to develop a game based on Pikmin, they did not give many details of what exactly it would be about, what the mechanics would be and other details that are always interesting.

Even so, knowing that the latter are responsible for proposals such as Pokémon GO, it was easy to venture and bet on a game experience where many things learned with its popular title based on the use of augmented reality would be taken advantage of.

Now that the first launch trailer arrives, everything is clearer, although there will surely be some other details to know when you start playing it if you are interested. But let’s go by parts to know everything it will offer Pikmin Bloom.

As you can see in the trailer of launching, Pikmin Bloom proposes a game experience where walking will be something important and necessary if you want to advance. Because only in this way will you be able to make your Pikmin grow and grow more steps, the greater number of small allies that you will have in your favor.

These walks will also serve to record your memories in the form of photos that you can take with the application and your phone’s camera. Of course, you will not only have to do that, there will also be different challenges such as going to fight the mushrooms that you find and that will give you the possibility of getting a lot of fruit.

Below you have a small summary as a gameplay that you can see in the Android Play Store about Pikmin Bloom.

Where to play Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom will be available for both devices ios What Android and it will be a free game, although that does not imply that it will not have integrated purchases for those who are looking for that extra that is so common today.

Pikmin Bloom
Pikmin Bloom

Of course, for the moment you should know that Pikmin Bloom is only available in Australia and Singapore. In a matter of days the launch is expected worldwide, so you will have to have a little patience. Of course, those who expect much expect little.

A saga of little creatures

The Pikmin saga is, for those who do not know it yet, a curious collection of titles created by Shigeru Miyamoto (the father of other important titles such as Donkey Kong) for Nintendo. The first of his games was released on the Nintendo GameCube and the last of them was made for Nintendo Switch with Pikmin 3 Deluxe, a revision of the game that already existed for Wii to which improvements were added due to the technical possibilities of the laptop and bonus content in the form of an additional mission.

In all of them the base was none other than to take advantage of the abilities of each of the Pikmin, because it is not the same or a blue Pikmin is used in the same way as a yellow, red or green one for example, to achieve the objective of the crew that had accidentally fallen on their planet. So, with their help, they will have to find the different pieces of their ship to be able to return and also to defend themselves from the dangers that appear.

As we say, a very particular saga that may not be very popular or for everyone, but whoever plays it and manages to get the point ends up quite hooked on the experience. Now we will have to see the reception that this Pikmin Bloom proposal has.

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