Playing on your Tesla is possible, but too dangerous

If until today Tesla games made it possible to wait while recharging, uses are diversifying, not without worrying.

Since their arrival on the French and European car park, Tesla cars have been the subject of debate. Some have become unconditional lovers of this car, and on the other side of the board, other people see these cars as total heresy, whose “gadget” features are only endangerments for the driver.

In the United States, too, this issue of driver safety is on everyone’s lips. In fact, more than half a million Tesla cars have just been put under investigation by the NHTSA (for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The latter fears that the games playable on the central screen of the car (officially by the passenger) are too much of a distraction for the driver who could look away from the road, and thus be less attentive to his driving.

Games that have been on the car for a long time

As a reminder, Tesla has been offering various games that can be played directly in the car on the car’s touchscreen since the middle of 2019. But for some time now, these games are no longer offered only to pass the time while the car is charging at a terminal. Tesla has indeed added in one of its last updates the mode “Passenger Play”. The latter allows you to play different games, like when the car is stopped, but this time it is possible even when the car is in motion.

This game mode, designed for the front passenger of the car, is available on the Model 3, S, X and Y released in the United States between 2017 and 2022. Which represents a little more than 500,000 vehicles, declares the NHTSA in his press release, worrying about the arrival of this new “game mode”.

If Tesla has multiplied the warning messages at the launch of this update, and it is also necessary to validate several times that we are indeed the passenger before being able to launch a game, these warnings are not sufficient in the eyes of NHTSA, which demands even more from Tesla.

Two problems and one solution

According to the United States Highway Safety Authority, the arrival of this new feature is anything but good news. The first point that the agency raises in its press release is the lack of security. In fact, all you have to do is press a button as a driver to bypass Tesla’s security and pretend to be a passenger.

With a car filled with sensors that are able to tell when our hands are off the wheel, NHTSA is amazed that Tesla hasn’t put more security in place on its car. But the road safety authority goes further. Indeed, she thinks that, even if a passenger would be the player, the latter could attract the attention of the driver.

A slight moment of deconcentration, which could have very serious consequences. Tesla has not yet communicated on this subject.

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