PlayStation 5 has sold a total of 25 million units

Playstation 5Sony’s next-generation video game console, has sold to date just over 25 million units, with 3.3 million during the course of the last quarter. The numbers for the last quarter are similar to those of the previous one.

While the roundness of the 25 million may sound like something successful, the reality is that the numbers are well below the expectations of Sony, which expects to sell a total of 18 million consoles for the fiscal year 2022 (which ends on the 31 March 2023). The number of PlayStation 5 units sold in the first half of this fiscal year is around 5.7 millionsimilar to the 5.6 million registered during the same period in 2021.

Although the number of units sold is similar, revenue rose significantly to approximately $4.92 billion. Here it does not take a genius to guess that the origin is in the rise in the price of PlayStation 5, which has allowed Sony to improve its income even with the same level of sales. However, this contrasts with the 49% decline in profits due to Bungie acquisitiona move made in part as a reaction to massive purchases of companies by its biggest rival in the home console segment: Microsoft.

Sony sold a total of approximately 11.5 million PlayStation 5 during the entire course of fiscal year 2021, an amount that in 2022 aims to be similar if the current rate is maintained. It will be necessary to see if the Christmas campaign manages to make sales stand out, even temporarily, and if the company is able to maintain the pace of production, which since the pandemic has been altered by various factors that have affected both manufacturing and production. to logistics. By contrast, the recent price increase applied by the Japanese company does not seem to contribute to the sale of more unitsmore considering the current context of economic crisis and high inflation in which we live.

As for software sales, these have risen from 62.5 million to 76.4 million. Digital downloads accounted for 63% of the total and have increased both quantitatively and proportionally compared to last year, while the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers decreased for the second consecutive quarter.

Sony has revised down its revenue projection for the next quarter as it expects a drop in sales of its own video games. However, for the next fiscal year (2023) he is more optimistic and expects to ship 23 million PlayStation 5 units.

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