PlayStation 5 will have a new voice control: ‘Hey PlayStation’ is preparing for launch

The Playstation 5 It is one of the most desired consoles in recent years and, since its launch, we have seen it sold out everywhere, even in some establishments they have placed waiting lists so that those who want to have one sign up and wait for them to arrive . Still, despite these long queues by fans of the console, Sony is preparing an update, a software update that will add some interesting improvements, such as the new voice control to be able to carry perform different actions. This update would allow play video games, open applications and control the playback of content, among other.

It is true that voice control is not something new for Sony and it was already present in the previous PlayStation model, but this voice control had not yet been considered for the new model. But it seems that it is already here and that it is in a beta phase.

‘Hey PlayStation’, the voice control of the Sony console

So the next upgrade that Sony will release for PlayStation 5, will enable voice control. Of course, it seems that this function will first arrive through a beta version for English-speaking users in the United Kingdom and the United States, and then it will be known in the rest of the world.

This new control would allow users to launch video games and other PlayStation applications through voice commands, without having to press any type of button. You can also open the system menu and control all media playback just by saying ‘hey playstation‘. The feature will turn on automatically after this update, but you can safely turn it off if you prefer.

Although this will be the newest option after the update, the truth is that it will not be the only new accessibility functionality of the console. This update also includes the option so that the headphones can emit a mono sound, something that, according to Sony, will benefit gamers who have a one-sided hearing loss. Likewise, other interesting changes will come, such as, for example, the operation of group chats, which can be put in private or open mode, so that, in addition to your friends, unknown people can join, or the possibility of leaking games by genre so you can quickly identify the ones you like the most.

In this update, it seems it will also be possible to have five games selected on the home screen for quick access, which would make the game easier to access much more efficiently.

These are the updates that have been commented on from Sony, although we will still have to wait in Spain to see them since, as we have revealed, the beta version of the update will arrive before English-speaking users in the United Kingdom and the United States. There is an option to apply to test the beta version, but it is not available for Spain, although it is available for countries such as Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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