PlayStation Network (PSN) does not work: it is not possible to play online on PS5 and PS4

Online play not working on your PlayStation 5 or PS4? You are not the only one. The PlayStation Network (PSN) service is down. Sony’s online gaming service for consoles is experiencing serious issues affecting both online gaming and the PlayStation Store. For a few hours, users of Sony consoles have begun to report problems with the service. Sony itself has acknowledged that online gaming and store services are suffering outages.

As we can see in the PlayStation official website, the use of online games and streaming games are experiencing technical problems. The company reports possible difficulties launching games, applications, or other network functions. The PlayStation Store is also affected, where we will not be able to buy, download, browse, search for games or redeem coupons. These problems affect both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Even through the website it is possible that we will have problems, especially in the PlayStation Store. At the moment from PlayStation they assure that they are trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus not working

Online gaming, social networks and the PlayStation Store, that is, practically the entire PlayStation Network, are affected by the fall. The ones that do work, as reported by PlayStation itself, are the features related to account management and PlayStation Video. As we said, this drop seems to affect all platforms, that is, PS3, PS4, PS5, the web version and PS Vita.

What has been the cause? At the moment from PlayStation they have not provided more details, but coincidentally today a firmware update for both PS5 and PS4 has been released, which introduces important improvements. From the Reddit forums they indicate that this update could be the cause of the fall of PlayStation Networkalthough it is not confirmed. In addition, other users claim that they are experiencing the same problem and have not installed the update. It is possible that some function of the new firmware has “knocked down” the online services, but at the moment nothing is known.

Many users have reported that their console does not recognize an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. Some of these users claim that restarting their console has solved the problem, but for the vast majority it has not worked. Apparently, players can access the online menus of some games, but when they try to play an online game, which requires PlayStation Plus, that’s when the error occurs.

This new update adds the ability to create or join open and closed parties from PS5 and PS4 consoles. In addition, the PlayStation 5 receives a new and improved Game Base UI and trophy cards. However, as we told you a few hours ago, the long-awaited addition of the VRR system on PlayStation 5 has not yet been released. From Sony they have assured that it will arrive “very soon”, but there were many of us who expected this new functionality to arrive in the March update. We’ll have to keep waiting.

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