Playstation Now: Outer Wilds, WRC 10, here are the April 2022 games

Sony has just unveiled the list of new games that will arrive on the Playstation Now catalog in April 2022. On the program, exceptional space exploration with Outer Wilds, rally with WRC 10 and science fiction with Journey to the Savage Planet.

Playstation now April 2022
Credits: Sony

At the start of the month, Sony has just unveiled the new games offered to Playstation Plus subscribers, but also the new titles to come on the Playstation Now catalog. Sony’s cloud gaming service is therefore welcoming several new games at the start of spring 2022. Let’s start with the excellent and already cult Outer Wilds. This exploration game invites you to explore your solar system in search of clues about a previous civilization.

The title stands out from the competition by offering an original approach: the player is trapped in a time loop, and every 20 minutes, the sun becomes a supernova that destroys everything in its path. For the player, this moment is synonymous with returning to square one. Your objective will then be the following: to discover the secrets of this mysterious world within the given time, and who knows maybe find a way to break this endless loop?

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Outer Wilds and WRC 10 are coming to PS Now

We change gender with WRC 10 FIA World Championship, the tenor of rally simulation. For the 50th anniversary of the discipline, players will be able to relive 19 events that have shaped the history of the championship in retrospective mode. Drivers will also be able to compete in six historic rallies such as the Acropolis and Sanremo.

We continue with Journey to The Savage Planet, a sci-fi adventure that invites you to explore a charming, but also rather hostile alien world. Your goal? Determine if the planet ARY-26 is habitable by humanity, which is looking for a new home. Of course, you will need to find additional equipment to facilitate your adventure.

We end with Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood, a nice action RPG in which you can play as a mercenary capable of transforming into a werewolf. As a reminder, Sony recently presented its new Playstation Plus, resulting from the merger between the current Playstation Plus and Playstation Now. On the program, three new subscription formulas and a launch scheduled for June 2022.

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